Hey Everyone,

Just a quick blog post and a video.

I am super excited as this weekend I am off to London to attend the Internet Millionaires Summit, so if you are going please come say “Hi” to me.

When I reserved my ticket I was not aware quite a few of my Marketing With Alex 3.0 students would be going AND Alex Jeffreys himself will be going too, which is brilliant.

Over the past weeks I have been visiting many of my fellow students blogs and to meet some of the them in the flesh is really exciting.

I already feel like I know so many of them so well from reading their blogs, emailing and chatting to them on skype.

Pete Carr, has got us some Alex Jeffreys student t-shirts printed, so we are all going to wear them and get a group photo taken, I will be sure to a copy on my blog when I come back.

Should be fun anyway so I am looking forward to it.

Been a kinda strange week for me this week, I tend to have highs and lows as I do this coaching.

The highs this week…

I was on a high after Alex showed my David Walker interview blog post live on a coaching call.

Initially I was a little scared when I seen my blog live on the call, I thought oh oh… I have done something wrong and Alex is gonna kick my butt!

But luckily it was all praise so I was really pleased.

It’s nice to get praise from Alex, after all he is my mentor and coach.

The lows this week…

Not sure why I feel low sometimes, I think because everything is moving at such a fast pace I sometimes worry I can’t keep it up.

I have literally felt like I have hit the ground running and don’t have time to catch my breath!

At least the $2000 blog redesign traffic competition is over and I can go back to following my to do list and moving everything forward again.

Alex told us that our blogs should be “our story” like an online journal.

I remember Alex telling us to visit Dean Holland’s blog and read through all his posts and see how Dean became such a success.

Thinking about this, I wondered if my blog truly tells the story of my journey online so far.

And yes, I think it does so far.

I have learned how to :

  • Plan for tomorrow today, using brain dumps and to do lists.
  • How to generate traffic to my blog.
  • Do my own video tutorials about blogging.
  • Build relationships and friendships online.
  • and I went from being a nervous wreck on live on calls to doing my first interview.

And each time I have blogged about it, so my blog is certainly my journal.

I hope my fellow AJ students are also documenting their progress through their blogs or there will be trouble!!!

I think Alex was right, it’s always good to be able to reference back to certain landmark points of your online journey.

I am still enjoying my coaching very much, I think it will be the turning point in my quest for success and I am truly glad I have the opportunity to be coached by Alex.

Before I sign off…

I have done a video about the secret sauce top ten blogs that sent me the most traffic to my blog over the past four weeks.

Just a little way to say thanks to those blog authors and give them a shout out.

The 10 blogs sent me lots of traffic, so grab a pen, jot down their url’s and be sure to visit them.

My daughter Jade helped me out, I promise I did not force her!

She wanted to help, she hates when Mummy does something she is not involved in.

Catch you all soon, Sally :)

Ps. Here is the video, with a list of the blogs that sent me the most traffic…

NOTE: If you would like to join me at MoreMonthly, you can get a $1 trial here, with your access you get a private members forum, free resell rights ebooks, free plr ebooks, free audio, free software, free graphics and much more, all updated every month, best money I ever spent.

*** UPDATE ***

After I recorded the video, in hindsight I thought I should have done 10 down to 1, rather than reveal the blog that sent me the most traffic first, would maybe have made the video more sticky, and had people watch right through to the end.


Keep getting questions about the plugin I used for the video, it’s here:


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