Well I have been going tutorial crazy of late.

Churning out Youtube videos like there is no tomorrow, but I am having fun doing it so that’s the main thing right?

As I am a student of Alex Jeffreys, I was recently introduced to a method of driving traffic to your blog, and I mean lots of traffic that is targeted to your niche, whatever it may be.

Oil Rig or Blog Hopping is a great way to get traffic to any blog in any market, and it works every time.

It does take up a bit of your time, and you need to keep it under control or the hours will fly past and you wont have got any of your other online work done, so you have been warned.

I fell into this trap and spent a good amount of hours visiting blogs and leaving comments.

But to be honest, I was losing track of which blogs I had visited and posted on, and found myself visiting the same blog posts over and over again.

That’s when I realized I needed a better method for blog hopping.

Basically I used a function included with your free googlemail or gmail account, which is the google reader.

Google reader allows you to add your favorite RSS Feeds from any website or blog and receive instant notification the minute any new blog posts are published, or new content has been added.

It has been a god send for me, so I wanted to show you how to set it up yourself, so you can benefit greatly from this method of traffic generation.

Here is a video tutorial on setting up a gmail account and adding a rss feed into google reader.

I hope it helps you in your quest for more traffic to your blog, there is no need for any blog not to have traffic or comments when you use this method.

Sally :)

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