sally neill facebookHey Guys ‘n’ Gals

Quick post just to touch base with ya!

As you know I have been working with Alex Jeffreys and I am learning a ton of stuff…

But my time has become so limited.

And even when I do have time…

I am literally sick to the back teeth of staring at a pc monitor!

So breaks away from the pc have become a very vital part of my happiness.

Working constantly on the pc was getting me down a little, so something had to “give”.

Now, as I don’t have as much time to write big longgggggggg blog posts

(No one better have cheered then!)

I made a decision today…


What I have decided to do, is utilize the power of facebook fan pages.

This will basically give me the opportunity to quickly post little snippet tips you can use in your online business.

So how can you get your tips???

You Will Need:

A Facebook Account obviously.

And for those of you still on the fence about Social Media Marketing, trust me, jump all over it!

Get yourself a facebook account today.

The potential for building relationships with fellow marketers and your content being shared on auto pilot are just two reasons you must start using facebook.

I read an article the other day, on some news site, that Facebook actually beat the mighty Google for the MOST TRAFFIC in the USA over a certain period.

Now that’s BIG!

Google also said that Facebook is the only competition they FEAR.

So what does that tell ya?

It’s telling you to GET ON FACEBOOK!

Once you have your lovely new facebook account…

You need to “like” my page:

Sally Neill Facebook Page – Internet Marketing Tips

All you have to do is visit the above link and click on the  “like” button, then that’s you done.

Simple stuff yes?

Then each time I share a top tip you will see a post on your facebook wall.

You can also post on my page wall too, so feel free to ask any questions etc and if I can help I will.

If not, hopefully another of your fellow page members can maybe “chip” in and help too.

What Tips Will I Share?

Well basically it will be a variety of tips.

I know we are not all at the same stage in our online business, so I hope to cater to all needs.

As I am creating videos by the boatload right now, I have become a bit of a Camtasia Expert.

Seriously, I am not bragging or anything, but I am pretty good at it!

(You can get a free 30 day trial of Camtasia HERE, there is also an option for Mac Users, but I am told ScreenFlow is better for MACS)

Ok, back to my boatload of videos…

I guess if you do something long enough, you just have to get good at it.

I am as master of editing the videos, adding in audio sound effects, splitting the frames and everything!

Once my life is a little hectic I will be sharing some Camtasia tips.

I have also been learning a ton of new traffic tips.

Both general traffic and social media traffic.

Because basically Alex has paid for all the best traffic products for me and I will be able to share those tips with you too.

Business management tips, yes who would believe it, but I am actually really organised lately!

I even plan “stuff” out too and have become a regular user of Mindmeister.

I can now see that planning is HIGHLY important for success online.

Working with Alex is really teaching me some solid business foundations and I want to share everything I can with you.

And using a facebook page seems to be the ideal solution, fast and easy for everyone to access.

Right, gotta scoot….

I am meeting Alex Jeffreys and Garry Parkes in Newcastle on Thursday so I am packing my clothes etc.

For those of you who have asked…

Nope still not in my new flat yet, but getting there.

Got the cooker and fridge delivered and the carpets are being fitted on Friday.

My poor Mum has to take charge as I wont be here.

Everything is all so crazzzzzzzzy right now and I honestly can’t wait for it all to calm down.

Sorry for the last lil moan, but you know what I am like by now, if I am not moaning I am not happy ha ha!

I hope you are well, speak to ya real soon,

Sally :)

ps. I have a facebook fan page widget on the side of my blog, so once you “like” my page you can get your face on their too and hopefully build your facebook friends list.

pps. I installed a new facebook comments plugin too, so feel free to use whichever comment method you prefer.

C Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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