instant profit seminarHey Everyone,

The Internet Profit Seminar is over PHEW!

I have half recovered, had the shakes yesterday…

Lack of sleep or alcohol withdrawal I dunno lol.

I learned so much at the Instant Profit Seminar, and particularly enjoyed Dean Holland’s presentation on Warrior Special Offers.

Already have my own WSO mapped out, so gonna test Dean’s teachings on that out soon!

And Alex rocked the house with news of his latest ebook to be released soon… Gonna be another killer product to add to his collection so watch out for that!

Both Alex and Dean were excellent, they shared some of the best content I have seen at an offline event, everyone left with a big smile on their face and a ton of actionable ideas to put in place and make a ton of cash online!

There should be a dvd set of the entire weekend released soon, so will be sure and let you know when it’s ready cos you don’t wanna miss it, trust me!

Also have to say that meeting Nigel Yip and Marcus Passey was a big highlight for me.

Nigel was one of my favourite ftm students (always so positive and worked really hard) he was so lovely in person too, sweetest guy you will ever meet.

And Marcus was someone I always admired when I began my MWA3.0 coaching, also a very sweet guy!

Plus I just gotta mention Simon Dodd, who is utterly bonkers and made me laugh so so so MUCH!

I met wayyyyy too many people to mention, but if you check out the Instant Profit Seminar event page you can see all the super cool attendees.

So anyway…

I have a video for ya again and it’s below:

Would love your feedback on the video via those cool comments you always leave me.

C yaaaaaa

Sally x

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