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Hey Guys ‘n’ Gals,

Well, as you know I went to Newcastle to meet Alex Jeffreys and Garry Parkes.

I took some photos and threw them together in a quick video below…

I was lucky enough to meet a few other Internet Marketers too.

You can see how many you recognize…

Newbies Nightmare Or Dream – A Room Filled With Gurus

I don’t know how you would react to being in the company of…

Alex Jeffreys, Daniel Sumner, John Thornhill, Chris Freville, Lee McIntyre, Dave Nicholson, Mark Orr and James Teale.

But I have to tell you I was a complete bag of nerves.

When we got to Lee’s office, we were offered a beer…

So I of course accepted, lil bit of dutch courage to calm the nerves ‘n’ all that.

(Not a good idea at 5pm when you have not had nothing to eat yet)

Then we went upstairs into this big white-ish room…

And I seen all these big TALL (everyone is tall compared me) guys standing around in a circle all staring back at us.

Alex shook hands with them all and I just stood there and kinda half waved and muttered “hi”.

Was the longest 20 minutes of my life, standing in the big room with them.

Listening to discussions about previous product launches that made $600,000+ etc.

Surprisingly, I don’t think I actually uttered another word the whole time.

After a while Lee took Alex, Chris Freville and myself downstairs for a tour of his office.

It was weird seeing Lee’s office, I have only ever seen it on Lee’s videos before, so to be standing in it was kinda freaky.

After that we went over to a pub across the road for some more beer.

Then headed into Newcastle City Centre for a pub crawl.

By the end of the night I actually WAS crawling.

All Play And No Work…

Now I know it might look like it my weekend was all play and no work, but it wasn’t.

The point of the trip was to meet with Alex and Garry to work on the Forward To Marketing content.

It was a really good experience for me, to watch Alex planning his business.

He made it look so simple and easy.

All he used was his laptop, pen, paper and a notepad file!

Now tell me you don’t have access to any of those to grow your own business.

So basically I watched Alex map out a 3.5 million dollar business plan.

But what’s important to remember is Alex started off working towards making his first $1 online.

Then a $100 dollar day.

Then a $500 dollar day.

Then a $1000 dollar day.

And it grew and grew until he made $1million dollars in 21 days.

Watch the $1million in 21 days here.

(But let me tell you, it’s not the fairytale ending you may expect)

Important Stuff To Remember…

The most important things I remember (and I don’t remember a lot if I am honest, damn Sambuca and Tia Maria shots!!!)

You must have a plan and stick to it.

You have to be dedicated and work through the dark days.

You must keep going forward, failure is simply not an option.

This is a real business, YOUR business, so treat it as such.

You must take action now, NOT later, NOT tomorrow, NOT next week… NOW!

Oh and one last point to rememeber… Try to avoid alcohol ha ha.

Sally The Lightweight :)

ps. I listened to a half hour conversation about “trip-tronics” or something like that, boys and their toys, so if anyone knows what that is please tell me!!!

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