learn with sally neill webinars replaysHey Cool Crowd…

What ya been upto then?

Hope you have been behaving in my absence – bet Randy Smith hasn’t lol.

So it’s been a long time since I blogged – did ya miss me???

I’ve been super busy with the Learn with Sally students…

… and no doubt you can see from my blog post title (can ya guess what movie I did a wordplay on???) the LWS students and I have covered lots of training via live webinars and video tutorials.

If you are interested in accessing the REPLAYS you can get more details here:

Learn With Sally – The Replays

(Access to live training is closed – if I open LWS live training again it will not be until 2012)

Ok, sooooooo  I am pleased to say the current students are progressing super fast, whizzing through the training and taking instant action

(even beginners who had struggled to even turn on a pc, have blogs live and pimped with plugins etc – it’s awesome)

To be honest, I actually never imagined all the students would be so great, in fact that have surpassed my expectations MASSIVELY!


  • They listen.
  • They learn.
  • They implement FAST!

And this is kinda cool…

Ok, so all the students access the very same training, but…

…each student has their own unique approach to the training…

no two students interpret the training the same way…

… their creative imaginations and ideas just shine through!

Lots of little Sally Neill’s running around…


Thanks to their own creative imaginations, we don’t have a bunch of little Sally’s running around PHEW!

I never wanted that anyway as I am sure you didn’t either lol one of me is more than enuf right?

Learn with Sally has just become so relaxed and so much fun…

Learning with the students (and it’s not just them learning, I am learning tons of stuff from them too) is genuinely fun.

More recently I also recently held a traffic competition and the winning prize was a sexy Kodak zi8 video camera (lucky so ‘n’ so – wouldn’t mind of those myself)

So keep your eyes peeled on the LWS student blogs and I am sure you will see an update from the winner v.soon!

I am truly enjoying myself and I know they are too.

But it’s been tough too I am not gonna lie…

… creating all the content myself – writer’s block has been a P.I.T.A (PAIN IN THE ASS!)

And although you all think I don’t fear anything

The live webinars were tough for me at first.

  • First live LWS webinar – complete bag of nerves all day
  • Second live LWS webinar – complete bag of nerves half the day
  • Third live LWS webinar – slightly nervous few hours before webinar
  • Fourth live LWS webinar – nerves are diminishing

This A-HA moment helped me cure my webinar nerves…

I think my suggestion of allowing students to co-present a webinar with me and show them behind the scenes was a brilliant idea for three reasons.

1. They get to see behind the scenes (I think I shatter their dreams because it’s not magic or exciting in anyway – in fact it’s kinda boring)

2. It helps me calm my nerves (a half hour before the call, I am chatting to a student and showing them presenter controls etc so I forget to be nervous)

3. I’m lonely (ha ha ha ha yes I know get the violins out – but I am – so having another presenter with me makes me feel better)

Coaching is NOT easy – well I don’t think it is

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to coach all by myself – big baby I know!

It’s hard you know, planning and creating all the content completely by yourself.

PLUS… It’s scary waiting to see the students’ reactions after the live calls…

Did they love the call? Did they hate the call? Did they learn anything?

I literally finish the call then hop over to facebook (we have a little VIP facebook LWS group) so I patiently await the students comments.

It’s funny…

but I don’t need to wait long, usually one of the fab students posts in under a minute ha ha.

Then there is a post webinar BUZZZZZZZZ, everyone seems pumped and ready for action, ready to implement whatever training we have covered that week and I breathe a big sigh of relief.

Why am I telling you this “stuff”

I tell you because I know one day you will be at the stage I am at and then you will be prepared.

This coaching has been tough for me, it’s the hardest I have ever worked online, but it’s been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Watching the students grow everyday, seeing them taking giant strides towards success online fills me with pride.

This pride is different to FTM, this is all my own and I gotta tell ya it’s a very special feeling.

And I now I have a real funnel of my own too, something of true value that I can sell and help others.

It’s all clicking into place for me finally, don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go…

…but I am on it – trust me!

I really do hope you’re moving your own online business is moving forward and it’s clicking into place for you too.

And if not … your welcome to come join my happy lil Learn With Sally family – you will love it !

C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sally :)

ps. Impressed with any of my LWS students progression? Give them a shout out and show them your support in a comment below.

pps. A few of you have already asked and yes I have an affiliate program, you can grab your link here: Learn With Sally Affiliate Program.

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