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What a week!

Set up my membership site. Launched my coaching. Held my first webinar.


I literally have a beer in my hand as I type…just hot off my very first webinar…

(Yep, this one had no hitches lol)

But, OMG I have the coolest bunch of students everrrrr!

The are all “fear facers” I’m telling ya, they make my fear facing look ordinary.

In fact, I just know they are gonna churn out videos left right and center and it took me a year to get in front of the video camera!

I never felt like this before, an immense sense of pride already, weird huh.

Had a mad week to be honest, learned tons of tasks I never done before, so really still learning myself about members areas, recurring payments and a whole ton of other stuff, but I am so so so happy right now.

And the LWS students are such a happy lil bunch too!

All eager to get started and make their mark on the Internet Marketing world.

Their energy is rubbing off on me I tell ya!

I really can’t wait to get started with the meat of the training now and watch them all flyyyyyyyy!

Have to give a shout out to the fear facers…

Barry Wells

Nigel Yip

Dawn Kay

Jacinta Dean

Michelle Lyall (need to get Michelle’s blog link)

Terry Malloy (need to get Terry’s blog link)

Wasn’t all their first time speaking, but well done to them all the same!

1 fear down … several more to go… bring it on!

C yaaaa

A very very very happy Sally :) x



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