Hey Everyone,

Did you know that most people fail online because without a boss they can’t work?

Sure, maybe we say we hate / dislike our boss sometimes, but fact is some people need a boss!

Seriously it’s true, without a big bad boss barking orders, apparently some people don’t have it in them to do even the smallest of tasks.

This is actually one of the most common reasons people fail to run a successful business online.

You may think that you can work without a boss, that you don’t suffer from this problem, but I know I do.

I am terrible for not getting things done.

It’s not that I am lazy, I just forget everything I need to be doing plus add to that no one is telling me it has to be done and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Have you ever went to the shop to buy a specific item, then ended up coming home with 5 different items but not the one you specifically went out to get?

I do that all the time!

I even tried writing out a shopping list so I wouldn’t forget anything, then realized once I got to the shop that I had forgot the list of items I wrote out.

That’s why, if your like me, there is one habit you should try to ensure you do every day or night.

Write a to do list (but don’t lose it).

It’s really simple and anyone can do it.

You don’t even need any fancy gadgets to do it either, just a pen and paper and your good to go.

I suppose in this day and age, with so many mobile phones having notepads, applications and reminders etc a pen and paper might seem like something out of the dark ages, but at least it’s something everyone will have access to.

An even better idea is a small whiteboard, placed on the wall in front of your computer, or in your view when your on your laptop, then you will have a constant reminder of your tasks for that day.

But if you don’t want to use the good old fashioned methods, there are a few free sites on the internet that will allow you to create to do lists here:



Remember The Milk

Once you compile your daily list, just tick each item off as you do it.

It’s great to tick them off, put a big black line through them and give yourself a pat on the back.

Then at the end of the day you can see physical proof of everything you have achieved that day.

I promise if you do this, your business will progress in leaps and bounds.

Now you may, or may not, know I recently wrote a blog post where I apologized to my subscribers for disappearing off the face of the internet after my last online business took a nose dive!

The response I received, even after a year’s disappearing act was fabulous!

I was really touched by the responses that I received through blog comments and emails to me.

There was no way I could have ever dreamed that people would still remember me, let alone be interested in anything I said, especially after I was admitting I had failed!

A really strange thing happened after that blog post, I actually GOT MORE SUBSCRIBERS signing up for my free S.I.M.S reports which are reports teaching you how to make money online.

This baffled me!

Why would anyone visit a blog, read about someone’s failures, then sign up to receive their free reports???

But the penny dropped, I discovered that people were smart enough to realize that by failing I had ultimately set myself up for success.

Sounds weird doesn’t it, but it’s completely true.

If you ask most online marketers, they will admit they had a failed business before a successful one.

I believe I have learned from my mistakes, and one of my biggest mistakes was not completing the tasks required to move my business forward each day.

So that was lesson one that I learned, must do more.

Now, before that blog post I honestly believed I had failed.

I felt like a failure and I really didn’t think I would ever be able to set up an online business again, but after that blog post my views changed.

The apology blog post showed me that people are relying on me to help them, I need to be a success so that I can show you the correct way for you to be a success too.

I no longer see myself as a failure, I see what happened as a learning curve.

People say hindsight is a great thing, and it really is, my focus has become so clear now.

It’s like I have laser pointed vision and nothing or no one is gonna get in the way of my success!

Have you ever had that feeling when you just knew something really good was going to happen to you?

I have that feeling with my business this time around.

I didn’t have that feeling the first time around, I always thought I was going to fail, I never quite believed I could be successful, even when I was successful I kept waiting for my business to come crumbling down around me.

But this time I can clearly see where I made mistakes and I know the wrong decisions I made, I am not scared of being a success anymore, I am actively seeking it this time!

So, thanks to the kind comments I received, I have decided to use my so called “failures” to the benefit of my subscribers.

I know many of you are looking for a way to be successful online, and you are pushed from pillar to post, or product to product without really making any headway.

You are bombarded with the next great overnight riches product time and time again.

I know you are swamped and overloaded with information from other marketers telling you “THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT“  whilst another marketer is saying “NO, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT“.

I know this is happening to you, because it happened to me.

I remember getting email after email into my inbox, promoting the next big product, almost always costing me an arm and a leg.

God, I actually bought a few of them!

So did these big hyped up products help me?

Honestly, no.

But I wouldn’t blame the products, to be honest I couldn’t be bothered putting into practice what they taught.  I was always looking for the easy way to make money online.

Presented with 200 dvds, reports, bonuses and 7 big ring binders filled with instructions was not my idea of an easy internet business!

I think I probably did watch a few of the dvds and maybe skimmed through the big fat ring binder folders, but to be honest I felt swamped with all the information.

So I don’t blame the person(s) selling the products, they provided me with great information and value, I just done nothing with it.

Not sure if you are like me, but I have bought many products and never used them, I have even bought ebooks and never even read them!

Personally I am better working with bite sized information, then I don’t feel like I have a huge task ahead of me.

When I feel like I have too much to do, I end up doing nothing.

That’s another great reason to have a to do list, you can break up big tasks into smaller pieces then complete them gradually.

My friend Randy once said to me “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”, I just love Randy’s Ramblings, you can read more about him by clicking here.

That’s such a great saying and really true, when a task seems almost impossible, break it down and work your way through it.

I think many people being working online under false pretences.

They think they are getting a mouse but end up with an elephant!

That’s why people jump from product to product, thinking the next one will be the “big one” that brings them overnight riches.

They buy a product, realize it takes a bit more effort than they had hoped so they ditch that idea and look for another way, then they repeat this process over and over again, whilst their bank balance is dwindling and never increasing.

I think we all know by now that it’s time to stop chasing these fast, overnight fortune dreams. So with this in mind, it’s time for you to start treating your online business like a REAL BUSINESS.

It’s time for you to make a conscious decision to stop chasing these dream profits.

Let me ask you this…

If I could tell you that in 1 years time, you could be:

Earning a steady income online

Have more time to spend with your family / Friends

Basically be doing anything you wanted!

Would that be something that would appeal to you?

Now it could be 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, I don’t know when you will personally become a success online.

But what I do know is that ONLY YOU can take the steps necessary to be a success.

The first step is to make the decision to stop believing the hype.

Running a successful business online will:

Take time.

Take some work.

Take a heartfelt commitment from you.

Once you let go of the dream that you can be a millionaire overnight, you can breath a big fat sigh of relief, and get started on the real way to make money online.

Now you will be able to see clearly.

Your time will be completely focused on your main goal, to achieve the success you desire.

Instead of chasing overnight success, you can devise a realistic target to achieve your goals.

I have set myself a target of 1 year.

You might be thinking ONE WHOLE YEAR THAT’S AGES AWAY!

And yes, a year is a long time, but if I achieve the success I desire in one year’s time I will be one happy bunny I can assure you!

Now it might only take me 6 months who knows!

But at least I have set a goal.

I have given myself a year so that I don’t feel under pressure and I have plenty of time to implement everything I need to make my business a success.

I am not saying you have to set that same target, you know yourself better than I do!

But what I am saying is choose a realistic goal, don’t choose to try and be a millionaire overnight (unless your play the lotto).

I know a lot of people don’t like setting goals and targets, but if you don’t then you having nothing to aim for, you will simply wander aimlessly through each day getting nothing done.

Try out a to do list, like I mentioned before.

You need to set yourself mini daily targets or tasks and complete them.

If you want to own a successful online business and be your own boss THEN YOU HAVE TO BOSS YOURSELF!

No one else is going to tell you to get things done, you have to tell yourself.

That’s why many people can’t be a success online, they need a boss to tell them to do “stuff” or they would never do it.

You need to become self disciplined and make sure you get things done.

I hope this blog posts stirs something up inside you, I hope it makes you realize it’s time you took action, I hope you get a great big fire burning in your belly and kick start your online business today!

One last thing…

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have below, I really do value your opinion and love knowing how your online business ventures are coming along!

Take Care, Sally :)

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