learn with sally coaching Hey Cool Crowd :)


Can you hear that????

My very first coaching program is coming… woohoooooooo!

I am super duper excited because on my birthday (the 23rd July) my “Learn With Sally Coaching” will go LIVE.

OMG OMG OMG I have like the biggest smile on my face everrrrrrrr as I type this post.

Ok ok, I shall calm down for a moment cos this is important…

I have just finished writing a new ebook titled Newbies Next Chapter


I want to offer 3 people completely FREE access to my Learn With Sally coaching.


Hands up who wants to turn your next chapter into a happily ever after???

Did ya put your hand up? Did ya did ya did ya did ya???

I really do hope you are thinking “me me me me me me me me – I want Sally to coach me plzzzzzzzzz” ha ha ha ha.

Well all you gotta do to win one of the three free coaching prizes is really simple…

1. Read my latest free report Newbies Next Chapter

2. Come back to this blog post and leave a comment

And that’s it, simple stuff really.

I am really really REALLY excited to be starting my coaching.

I just KNOW FOR A FACT my coaching will be life changing for many many people.

And if you know me at all… you know this coaching will be like nothing you have ever had before cos I’m a bit crazeeeeeeeeee lol.

Myself and the students are gonna have a complete BLAST (They are in for ONE HECK OF A RIDE!)

I seriously can’t wait!!!

One Last Thing…

If you want to win, you MUST leave a comment, below…

So please don’t send me:

Private emails.

Facebook messages.

Twitter dms etc.

You can only win if you leave a comment (that makes it fair for everyone and ANYONE can win)

So here is the all important link for the report:

>>>> Newbies Next Chapter (Isn’t the ecover sooooooooo pretty ha ha)

CLOSING DATE for entering competition 14th July 2011.

C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sally :)

ps. C’mon peeps… let me help you turn your next chapter into a happily ever after…

pps. Every single person who leaves a comment will also get access to
my FIRST FREE live training webinar happening on 21st July!

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