best useful wordpress pluginsHey Everyone,

This blog post is just a quick update on what I have been doing.


I have officially retired from blog hopping… for now.

Shock, horror right?

I know, I know.

But I really need to concentrate my efforts elsewhere for now.

It’s kinda sad, I loved my blog hopping…

But needs must, and I need to focus elsewhere.

So this week (I have a week off work) I have been writing my first ebook.

See the nice shiny image above?

That’s my ecover, the ebook is not written yet…

I am happy to sit and design an ecover, but writing an ebook,  that’s another story…

Most people will think I love to write, and I do, but NOT to a deadline.


There, I admitted it.

I write when I want to, period.

I hate knowing I have to write blog posts, articles, squidoo lenses etc etc,

Seriously I do.

I have little bursts of writing and when held to a deadline, I cringe, hit writers block and can’t seem to write a single word.


I will say a BIG THANKS to Jaycee of for kicking my butt into gear.

Yep, BUT v’s BUTT

When a fellow student, kicks your BUTT, you forget the other BUT.

You see, after a quick skype chat we made a deal.

To get our first ebooks written.

She already sneaked one out, the witch ha ha.

Grab a copy here : Internet Millionaires Summit – Revealed

At the beginning of the coaching with Alex we were set another challenge…

Do you remember?

The list building one, not the traffic one…

Well we were set a list building task too, and I bet you are not doing it.

But someone else is…

Nathan Rufus.

No seriously, we all have to be creating products and  building a list.

Nathan set himself a challenge on list building, and I think we should all accept it.

Read his post here: Nathan Rufus: The 60 Day List Building Challenge

Ok, so we wont get a $2000 blog redesign, but hey, we might just get a 2k list.

I have accepted Nathan’s challenge and I hope you all do too.

When I started this coaching with Alex Jeffreys I never really realized the impact the other students would have upon me, it’s really quite strange.

But it has had a massive effect on me.

I was not quite sure what I would “get” from my coaching with Alex, and I guess, silly me, I still kinda expected everything to be handed to me on a plate.

But it wasn’t.

It has finally sunk in, that if I want to find success online, I have to do some work.


When is this magic product or system coming!!!


We all know that by now right?

There is no magic solution.

No magic button we can push.

Plain hard work will give us everything we desire.

Well the hard work will have to wait….

This weekend I am off to Liverpool wih my friends to drink a ton of beer.

Next weekend I am jetting off to Gran Canaria with my Mum and Jade.

So hard work will have to wait I am afraid.

But, there is always a BUT right???

It doesn’t matter.

I need some “me” time right now.

I watched two videos that made me realize it’s actually ok to have a break and enjoy yourself.

Students of Alex can remember back to him telling us, breaks are important.

My own blog logo says “Burn Brightly Without Burning Out”.

I believe that.

Don’t sit, spending hour after hour, in front of your pc.

Take a break and enjoy life.

All this money making stuff will still be here when you come back.

If you have some spare time right now,  watch the two videos that made me have a re-think, just follow these links…

Rob – Really Important But Often Overlooked

Nicky – I can’t do this…

I wont be blogging until my return, don’t miss me too much,

Speak Soon, Sally :)

ps. Please tell the mosquitoes to leave me alone, I am sick of them biting me!

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