stick figure manHey Everyone

Sorry I have not posted for over a week, shame on me I know!

But I have just been soooooooooooooo busy, you know how it is right?

Sure ya do, I know you are all busy lil beavers yourselves.

This blog post is just a quick update and a little apology of sorts…

Ok, well it’s 2.28 am and I am sitting here writing a blog post, because I can’t sleep ha ha.

Ever get those nights where so many ideas are flying around in your head it’s just impossible to sleep?

I get them all the time, drives me crazzzzzzzzy!

So I thought I could pour some of my thoughts into this blog post, to clear up my head a little and maybe get some sleep finally.

First update…I Have An Assistant

I have a new super cool assistant, woohoo!

Thu Huong Nguyen of

In a comment on my blog Thu kindly offered her services as my assistant or apprentice as she likes to say and I gladly accepted.

I really like Thu, we get on like a house on fire.

On the last skype call my cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much as we discussed “unleashing her beast”

But that’s another story!

So Thu is my new super cool assistant (she helps me with some tasks and I will help her with marketing techniques, kinda like a swap)

Already Thu has written me some great articles and I asked her to find out if it was possible to extract name, email and web urls from blog comments.

Within 10 minutes of coming off the skype call, Thu had figured it out!

She has also written a blog post about the method here:

Extracting Your Commentators Emails In WordPress

I want those email addresses for a specific reason, nothing spammy obviously, which I will reveal in another blog post.

Second Update…Sally’s Products

My product creation adventures…

Well you may or may not know, I am possibly breaking the number 1 rule and I am working on 2 projects at once.

A guide to wordpress plugins AND a guide to blog hopping.

Now I do not recommend working on 2 projects everrrrr, but these 2 products are so closely linked, they could almost be considered as 1.

Anyway, I have the video squeeze page graphics and video recorded for the plugins product.

And I have to admit it looks super sexy, I am really pleased with it.

I can’t give you the link just now, because no content has been created beyond the sign up page.

That will be my next step, so watch my blog for that update, the FREE plugins I reveal are kick ass and your blog will benefit greatly once you install them.

My blog hopping free report is almost finished too.

This will have an upsell of videos for advanced blog hopping strategies to increase the effectiveness of your blog hopping and receive even more free targeted traffic to your blog.

The graphics are almost finished and the free report will be hosted on a site using the Butterfly Marketing Script which you can get for free here.

After these 2 products I will be having a big longgggggggg rest.

To be honest, I have never wanted to churn out new products week in week out, so 2 is more than enough for now.

Plus I start working for Alex Jeffreys so I want all the loose ends tied up to focus on my new job.

Third Update – Pay It Forward

Following a post on Perry Marshall’s Blog.

I realized that I needed an accountability partner.

Someone to kick my ass into gear.

I immediately knew who I wanted as my accountability partner…

Katey Shaw – Outsourcing Queen.

Katey is a marketing genius, although she would never admit it.

After reading Perry’s post, I sent Katey a skype message asking if she was up for kicking my ass, and she agreed!

So each week I go on a 1hour skype call with Katey and I set tasks and deadlines with her.

She holds me accountable to get “stuff” done” and it has increased my productivity greatly.

I cannot thank her enough, nor would she let me do anything to repay her.

We had actually talked about a movie “Pay It Forward” which I bought and watched.

This gave me the idea to pay it forward…

This means I sought out 3 people to pay forward the help Katey has given me.

So I will now be helping

Richard Moloney

David Taylor

Alice McHard

I chose each of those people for very different reasons.

David, because I had already built up a relationship with him after he interviewed me.

Richard, because I could see how dedicated he was.

And Alice, because since the start of my blog she has always left me very kind comments.

So each week I will speak personally to each of them, for 30 minutes and try to help them move their own online businesses forward.

I am not even sure how much I can help them, but I want to at least try.

Fourth Update – Sally’s Apology

Yes, yet again I have to aplogize on my blog.

Those of you new to my blog you may not have read my first apology, which I made a long long time ago.

If you want to read it click here.

This second apology is to all the loyal readers of my blog, who have their own blog.

You see, I have not visited almost all of my readers blogs for quite some time and I feel terrible about that.

It has been playing on my conscience constantly.

And now I have even started receiving comments from readers asking why I no longer visit their blog.

Do you know something, I would visit every single one of your blogs if I could.

I just simply don’t have the time anymore.

But…. there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Like I said, I have 2 products to finish right now which shouldn’t take much longer.

Then I am having a BIG REST!

This rest will allow me to catch up with all of you guys ‘n’ gals, and check out what you have been up to again.

I have missed visiting all of your blogs, I honestly have, but I shall return, I promise.

That’s my updates.

Things are a bit hectic and crazy, but I it should ease off soon.

So normal blog hopping business shall resume!

Just wanna say thanks to you all for still visiting my blog and leaving comments, even though I have not been a great blog hopper myself.

Thanks for being patient and I will be back blog hopping onto your blog shortly…

I’m off to bed now, nitey nite and I shall speak to ya soon,

Sally :)

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