learn with sallyHey Everyone

Phew, what a week I had, not a good one I may add.

Bet ya thought my days of moaning on this blog were over didn’t ya???


I had a tough week (get the violins out)…

You ever get that over-whelming feeling that you got so much to do and not enough hours in the day?

I had that.

I was getting emails, fb messages, dm’s, skype messages, blog comments, support emails etc etc.

On top of this…

I have friends and family telling me I am on the pc too much.

Never a good feeling when Jade asks me with her big blue eyes…

“Mummy, are you going to be on the computer all night again?”

I hate it.


So I just shut down, shut off, whatever you wanna call it.

  • I didn’t reply to any emails, or any of the other “stuff”.
  • I took time away from the pc.
  • I spent some time with my friends (had a baaaaaaaaaaad hangover to prove it)
  • Spent time with my Mum shopping (spent wayyyyyyy too much money)
  • Had a ton of fun with Jade (we did lots of silly stuff, but you gotta love the sore cheeks from laughing)

Now, all the other “stuff” was still sitting there waiting for me when I got back…

But with my battery recharged I tackled it all in one go, no problemo.

I needed that rest so very badly, and I hope YOU TAKE REGULAR BREAKS TOO!

As you may know I love the saying…

Burn brightly without burning out” (I stole that from a Youtube Video I watched a while back ha ha)

But it’s sooooooooooooooo true, please have lots of  “play time” mixed in with your work time.


OMG I am actually enjoying sending out emails again…

This week I set up a few emails to go out on Aweber over the next few weeks…

1. My own youtube video : adding blog comments to facebook and twitter

2. An email letting my subscribers know about the free 12 week coaching offered by Randy Smith at Internet Marketing Apprentice

3. An email recommending Daniel Sumner’s Ebook Cycle again also 100% free.

I loveddddddddddddddd sending out those emails.

All very good content for free, can’t beat it!

But that’s not even the BEST PART….

Because as I set up the emails I also did/done some broadcast emails alongside this.

Now, this is good news because it has given me some nice screen shots for some tutorials I intend to create on email marketing.

Below is a sneaky peak at my new site (learnwithsally.com)

sally neill learn with sally

Don’t visit just yet, nothing is on it, still recording the videos.

I just wanted a site where I can quickly upload some free video tutorials (that so many of you have asked me to do, will let y’all know when it’s “live”)

So my bad week turned good, great even!

My advice, if your feeling over-whelmed…

  • Have a lil rest.
  • Treat yourself.
  • Recharge your battery…

And come back with a new spring in your step…. ready to take on the world!

Catch ya soon, Sally :)

ps. what do you do if you are feeling OVER-WHELMED????

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