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I never met Alex Jeffreys through his coaching program, I met Alex many years ago when he contacted me.

I was running a successful online business based around showing people how to make money selling ebooks on eBay and one day I got an email from Alex.

The email asked if I would promote Alex’s Easy Profit Auctions membership.

I took a look, the membership was great and I started to promote it and they rest they say is history.

The relationships you build online can have a massive effect on your own online business, it can often be a deciding factor in whether or not your business becomes a success.

So today I am going to talk about the importance of planning and building online relationships…

One day, in the not so distant future, the Alex Jeffreys coaching will come to an end for me and my fellow students.

Alex Jeffreys will not be babysitting us forever.

What will happen to you and your business then?

I am not saying Alex is going to desert us, because I know 100% he won’t.

But the live coaching calls will come to an end and this could affect you in many ways.

I don’t know about you, but after I come off a coaching call I am literally buzzing.

During each coaching call, I devour all the information, then just like a race horse, I burst of the starter box and charge off into the distance with my newly found internet marketing techniques and apply them.

The coaching calls inspire me to take massive action.

But what happens when the calls end?

How will you or I keep this momentum going?

How will we continue to take massive action?

Do you know the answer?

I don’t.

But I know there is a possible solution and that’s to at least be prepared.

I am not, nor have I ever been very good at planning anything in life, I do everything last minute.

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc, I am the person running around like a maniac, amidst the 1000s of other last minute shoppers trying to get my gifts.

I love my Mum and Dad with all my heart, so not preparing to get their gifts early has nothing to do with me not caring, it’s planning and time management that is the problem.

You can have the best intentions in the world, but it is so easy to be sidetracked or distracted away from them.

Each year I promise myself that the next will be different.

I will be more organized and get my gifts early, but truth be told I never do.

I am so envious of people who plan ahead, those people who start buying christmas gifts at the beginning of January!

My Mum is like that, she plans everything so much better than me, I wish she had passed that skill onto me, and she probably did try, I was just a lost cause.

If you know me, you will know I have an 8 year old daughter Jade, so my planning skills had to improve, I had no choice.

Parents will understand planning is a necessity.

If you are a parent, you will understand having children means you must be SUPER organized or you simply couldn’t cope.

Mondays Jade goes to Cheerleading practice.

Tuesdays are her Dance class.

Wednesdays she goes to the Girl’s Brigade.

Thursday – Jade’s choice of activity (She always wants to go to MacDonalds but I try to avoid going there all the time).


Saturday is Ice Skating.

Sunday is Swimming.

And a few days ago she announced she would like to try horse riding.

So I guess I can kiss goodbye to my FREE FRIDAYS!

Without organization and planning I simply couldn’t do all that for Jade.

Now, you can see I am very capable of planning for Jade, but I still struggle to plan for my own stuff.

That’s why, in the back of my mind, the end of the coaching has been looming like a big black storm cloud.

Just like me, this will be a very scary time for some students.

Now before you are gripped by fear…

Remember, that day is far away right now, I am just giving you a head’s up.

By preparing for this day, you can ensure when it comes that it passes with little or no effect to you or your business.

Remember Alex says if you fail to plan, your planning to fail.

One day, you will emerge from the coaching and set off on your own two feet, so you have to plan for that day TODAY.

If you need support and encouragement, you need relationships with people who can provide you with that.

Relationships with your fellow students and other Internet Marketers will help you immensely in the future.

Do Not Go It Alone.

Going it alone will almost certainly hamper your chances of success online, trust me, I tried it.

Do everything in your power to grow your current relationships online.

If you look at previous MWA (Marketing With Alex) coaching students you will see a common theme.

The most successful students still have active relationships and close friendships with their fellow Alex Jeffreys students.

Many of them, in fact work as partners in joint ventures such as giveaway events, affiliate commission contests etc.

If you look at the products they created, most of the testimonials on the sales pages are from their fellow students.

Honest testimonials, I am not trying to imply anything otherwise here.

You need relationships and support like that.

The members forum will always be there for you to reply upon, but once the current students start to walk on their own two feet, they will have less time to visit the forum.

Sure, they will have the best intentions, but their time will be spent creating new products and building their own business.

It’s not that people don’t care, but time constraints will play a major factor.

If you remember, Alex told us…

If you think your busy now, just wait until your business grows 100 times it’s size

How much time do you have to go on the forum and help out right now?

When your business grows 100 or 1000 times more, will you still have all that time?

No, you won’t, your time will be spent:

Interviewing experts, Getting interviewed yourself.

Creating videos, Creating products.

Creating membership sites, Running your online business etc.

You won’t be able to support every single fellow member as much as you currently do.

That’s why your friendships with your fellow students are important right now.

You need to regularly stay in touch with other people online but not only through forum posts, you need to get personal.

I know myself and all the other students will promise to return to the forum and keep the momentum going but it’s easy to make that promise right now, but when our business grows 100 times in size, can we still keep that promise?

As my own business has grown I have already noticed I have less time.

In only a few short weeks I have seen how time consuming a simple blog can be.

I have now had to allocate a certain length of my time for just replying to blog comments people have kindly left me.

Although I am trying my best to visit the forum, with less time I am finding it more and more difficult.

If we look at how many of the other previous coaching students still visit the forum, you wouldn’t need need a degree in mathematics to count them, you could count them on both hands.

To think Alex has coached thousands of people online, that’s a very small percentage who still visit the forum on a regular basis.

Is it because they don’t care about helping people now?

Of course not.

They simply just don’t have the time anymore, remember what I said:

You can have the best intentions in the world, but it is so easy to be sidetracked or distracted away from them.

Just like Alex told them, their business grew a 100 maybe even in some cases a 1000 times more.

They don’t have the time to visit the forum and spend  hours on it each day.

They are busy creating new products, and taking their online business further.

We are not at that stage yet, but one day we will be.

Your business will grow 100 times bigger, you will create your own products etc.

That’s why you need to plan for that day.

At this moment, we have the time to encourage and help each other other in the forum.

But what if that encouragement was to stop…

Could you still take your business forward at such a great pace?

Can you still take action without the help and support of others?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Either way you answer, you still need to start building relationships with your fellow students right now, before that day comes.

Start to build relationships with your fellow students and other people online today.

Make sure that when time constraints grip your fellow members, that you still have a good relationship with them if you need help or support.

No One Knows What The Future Holds

Who knows what the future holds, one of your fellow students could become a top affiliate for one of the products you create.

The friendships you create now could have an amazing effect on your business.

I have already built good friendships with quite a lot of my fellow MWA students, I email or chat to them regularly on skype.

Are you doing the same?

You need to be doing this.

Contact people, email them, follow them on twitter, sign up to their mailing list, chat to them on skype, set up a mastermind group and so on.

But stay in touch.

Do it before people get so busy that they don’t have the time to start new friendships.

Or before they become Internet Marketing superstars, who have millions of people wanting to build relationships with them everyday.

I may have never met Alex Jeffreys had he not contacted me.

A simple email lead me to a long friendship with Alex.

Meeting Alex Jeffreys changed my life, sounds like a cliche, but it honestly did.

Some of the friendships or partnerships you create online will have the potential to change your life, start building those relationships sooner rather than later.

Speak soon, Sally :)

ps. remember it’s not always WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

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