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Hey Folks,

I am just off a skype call to my newest buddy, Jaycee of JanetChandler.Com.

Now I know I should be writing blog posts about my time spent at the Internet Millionaires summit but…

Jaycee is writing it all up in a report so I figured it would be kinda silly me doing the same thing right?

My Notes Were Full Of Doodles Anyway…

Plus I am sure her notes are wayyyyyy better than mine, I am a terrible doodler, especially when my mind starts to wander and I am not concentrating properly.

And for some weird reason I am obsessed with signing my own name and over and over again, not quite sure why?

Maybe I am imagining signing all those big cheques for when the cash is pouring into my bank account???

Anyway, I am leaving the Millionaire Secrets Summit update in the very capable hands of Jaycee, as I know she will do a top job.

There were many great speakers at the Summit, but my favorite was…

Mili Ponce

If you don’t know Mili she is the Social Media Marketing Queen.

Mili only went to her first Internet Marketing Seminar because a guy she fancied had a spare ticket and asked her to go with him.

She only went to her second seminar because her advances towards that guy didn’t work first time round!

That made me laugh!

I bet she is super glad she went now though.

Mili is currently making a ton of money online, after starting out with just a Twitter account which made her $500 in 16 days.

I was very impressed with her presentation, she shared a ton of top information for free.

She actually inspired me so much, that I took action and started a little hobby niche project on the side, so hopefully it brings in the cash.

I will keep you updated on that and if it works I will detail all the steps I took in a report for you to duplicate yourself.

As I don’t have a lot of time to spare right now, I shall only be dedicating a short amount of time on it, but as it is mostly on auto-pilot it should not be too hard to manage.

The automation was the attraction for me, I love the lazy ways to do things.

I know Jaycee will be speaking about Mili’s social media marketing methods in her ebook, so be sure to read it.

And if social media interests you, then you can download some of Mili’s free reports here:


Before Mili began her presentation, we were shown this video…

In case you couldn’t watch the video,  here is a quick recap of some of the main points…

  • Over 50% Of The World’s Population is UNDER 30 years old.
  • 96% of Millennials have joined a social network.
  • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  • Social Media has overtaken PORNOGRAPHY as the No1 activity on the Web.

This is the amount of time it took the following to reach 50 million users…

  • Radio – 38 years
  • TV – 13 years
  • Internet – 4 years
  • Ipod – 3 years

Facebook hit 200 million users in under 1 year.

Wow, that’s amazing don’t you think?

I know most of my friends are facebook addicts, but I wonder, would it really work as a method of marketing your online business?

There is also quote in the video…

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media… the questions is how well we DO it… “Eric Qualman”.

So I was wondering…

Are you currently using social media for marketing your online business?

Or do you think Social Media is a fad and a waste of time???

Sally :)

ps. In the video it says that some Universities have stopped issuing email accounts and are now giving out Ipads…. If you know which ones they are, please let me know, I am dying to get my hands on an Ipad!

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