its ok for me to cryHave your ever cried about your online business?

Seriously, I will admit I have cried.

Quite a few times actually, and recently was 5 minutes ago.

I tend to cry more from frustration than anything, I hate not knowing how to do “stuff” and it gets me so hot under the collar at times I could scream.

Today, was a particularly stressful day, nothing seemed to be going right from the minute I got out my bed.

That and a few other factors cause me to let it all out.

Like I said I cried about 5 minutes ago, all because of a blog post I read.

Now don’t be rolling your eyes and saying here we go, Sally’s is one of those crazy women who cries at the drop of a hat, because I don’t actually.

It takes quite a build up before the steam comes out my ears.

Even Alex Jeffreys Cries.

If you are a student of Alex Jeffreys you will know he has cried, many times about his online business.

He has told us Katie has had to comfort him and encourage him to keep going forward until he finally found success online.

I am not afraid to admit I have cried, but I never thought a blog post was enough to put a lump in my throat.

The fact someone I only just met, spent their own time to write nice things about my blog was enough to start me crying.

Now I will add to the fact that it probably didn’t help that I was listening to some music Orla Kelly had recommended in one of her blog posts.

The music is so lovely and not something I would normally listen too, but it’s on Paul From Stokes website.

Really beautiful, relaxing, chilling out music, so as I was feeling a tad stressed about falling behind in all my online work, I thought what the heck, I will give anything a try.

Then as I was listening to the music, an rss feed notification popped in for Alex Whalley’s latest offering on his blog.

I don’t know Alex that well, I actually found his blog whilst blog hopping from Scott Barron’s blog.

Scott is the guy who wrote a blog post that scared me.

So from my blog hopping, Alex made me cry and Scott scared me, charming huh!

Since blog hopping I have started to meet so many people from outwith my normal circle of online friends and marketers.

There really is a whole new world of internet marketers and bloggers out there who can help you, you don’t have to play it safe and visit the blogs that everyone else is visiting.

Be different.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Do this and every once in a while, you will meet people that you just click with.

I guess that’s what happened to me with both Alex and Scott, two really lovely guys who know what they are talking about, you would do well to visit their blogs here:

Alex Whalley

Scott Barron

Ok, so this is a really short post, I have already blogged today and this was not on my daily to do list, but I felt I had to live for the moment.

Alex wrote a post titled “Want More Traffic, Join The 12 Blog Program”.

Now as you know I love traffic, I want as much traffic as possible, so I was really eager to read that post.

As I was reading through it, I got the biggest shock of my life.

Sally Neill at number 7.

7 is actually my favorite number how weird is that!

Now remember I was stressed out, having the usual doubts in my mind about failure, I was listening to sentimental, thought provoking music, and I see my name pop up in another blog with such heart warming comments about my blog.

Yes, grab the hankies, that was me, blubbing like a big baby.

Now I don’t care if you are a guy and you are not supposed to cry.

I know every single one of us love praise, both men and women, we love to be told our blog is great, the way we write is fantastic, we love knowing we are helping people.

That’s what it’s all about right?

Helping others achieve their dreams and ambitions online.

We want to find success ourselves so we can pass it on to others.

I don’t want to get too deep into all this kinda stuff,  anyway I have ran out of hankies so I can’t start crying again.

But we are in such a wonderful position right now, we have the potential to touch so many peoples lives and to help so many people.

Alex’s random act of kindness really helped me today, on a day I was worrying how I could get everything done that I need to.

So if maybe one day, you can show someone a similar act of kindness, a simple small act of kindness by providing a link to someone’s blog, bookmarking their blog or maybe just retweeting their blog post, you go ahead and do it.

We are all in this together.

It takes you under a minute to do such a simple kind act, and people will reciprocate.

Look at how Alex’s blog post helped me, you might just help a fellow Alex Jeffreys student out there, you may help anyone out there struggling online.

Alex Jeffrey’s taught us to share our pain, so do it, let people know they are not alone.

Sometimes we all have a little cry and it’s ok, it’s nothing to be ashamed or admit too, we are all human after all.

Try to help others, anytime you can.

Spare just 1 minute, it might be all it takes to make a difference to someone.

And if you want to read the post that made me cry it’s here:

Want More Traffic – Join The 12 Blog Program

I was in a darker place earlier today, but this restored my faith and got me back on track, sometimes it takes a kind stranger and a future friend to point the obvious out to you.

Don’t be scared of failure.

Don’t be scared of success.

Don’t worry.

Keep at it, keep working hard and I believe success will follow.

Take care everyone, speak soon Sally x

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