climbing the ladder of success Hey, it’s me Sally Neill… remember… I used to blog lol.

I am still here, climbing up that ladder of success (one rung at a time) just not blogged much lately – sorreeeeeee.

Sooooooo now that all the spammy comments, blatant backlinks and trashy trackbacks left on my blog are deleted it’s back to business :)

This wont be a long post… gotta break myself in gently ha ha.

Been a hectic few months for me so the lil faithful blog has been neglected again.

But… the neglected blog has been for a good cause… to help my LWS students in their online journey and grow LWS.

That’s another Goal ticked – Live coaching done and dusted.

Have to say I enjoyed live coaching, kinda got in a routine.

But like all good things come to an end, as does my live group coaching experiences (for now)

I think LWS was a big “hit” as my students seemed to love the course (got lots of FAB testimonials to prove it too)


I got TONS of really lovely messages from marketers (I highly respect) congratulating me on a “job well done” with the LWS coaching.

One of my fav messages was from Stephanie Mulac, put it below for ya cos it made me smile:

stephanie mulac

When I began my Marketing With Alex 3.0 coaching one of the bonus Las Vegas Seminar videos by Stephanie helped me get my blog “going” again way back in 2010 – always be super grateful for that.

So all in all… I have to say I am really really pleased with the outcome of LWS :)

Now I am pretty sure you will know about most of my “successful students” as they been kicking ass online and been super productive.

But there are some other students who are still “chipping” away at success at their own pace too (which is cool, slow and steady can win the race)

My training was kinda “full-on” and by that I mean I squeezed in a lot over a short space of time.

I guess everyone works at their own pace and does what they can with the time they have.

Been kinda weird actually, because not every student was the same.

  • Some students were very active blogging & blog hopping – but some weren’t.
  • Some students were very active in our LWS Facebook Group – but some weren’t.
  • Some students attended every single live webinar – but some didn’t (one never attended ANY)
  • Some students completed all the training in order – others skipped modules or done in a diff order.

I had a wide variety of students tbh.

Sociable and Solitary Students

This is kinda strange to me, as I am such a friendly type person, but some students just didn’t wanna socialize with their fellow students lol.

I set up a facebook group so students could help each other with accountability and support etc, but some students never joined.

I set up a page inside the members area to list the students blogs, but again some students didn’t want their blog added.

I guess, yet again, I can’t force students to be sociable if they don’t want to.

(Shame really, because the support they would have received would have been invaluable)

Fast action takers / slow action takers / no action takers!

Like I said you will no doubt have seen my fast action taking students (they did a fab job of blogging about their journey)

Dawn Kay

Barry Wells

Kathy Dobson

Ian Ieba

Nikki Stephens

Nigel Yip

I also have some students who are a little behind the fast action takers, but still chipping away at the training at their own pace will keep you updated on their progress too.

And I have students who wish to remain anonymous for whatever reason(?)

But, and this saddens me, I had no action takers, students who took ZERO ACTION.

This really really REALLY ate away at me.

I know if students follow the training they will move forward, but I had to wrestle with my conscience on this and finally come to the realization that I simply cannot force students to take action if they don’t want to or can’t.

Don’t get me wrong I tried my best… offered personal emails, skype chats etc.

Not really sure what more I could have done??? (but those students know I am here for them when they do decide to take action)

That was the only downside to the LWS coaching that I encountered… I wanted EVERYONE TO BE A SUPER SUCCESS!

But you cant force students to take action, life gets in the way, personal problems crop up and students cannot always complete training for whatever reason (I just hope one day they return to the training and follow it)

So if you intend to hold coaching yourself in the future, remember that as a Coach there is only so much you can do, and the rest is up to your student(s)

By that I mean, you can create the best course in the world – but if the people who buy it don’t take action – don’t take it personally.

I guess, I just have to remember that the students who took action, seen some fabulous results and know that had the other students done the same, they too could have achieved that.

What’s next for Sally?

That’s a tough question, I kinda achieved all my goals – H.E.L.P!

But first things first… the full Learn With Sally replay package will be my next focus (currently selling modules in batches)

What about Learn with Sally 2.0???

You know what…

I learned so much from my first live coaching, much more than I could ever have imagined, I am grateful for the opportunity and although I have been asked many times … will there be a LWS 2.0?

The answer is no, not likely. Been there. Done that. Wore the tshirt (actually did have a LWS tshirt lol)

I don’t have any current plans to launch coaching in that format again.

However I did launch 1 on 1 coaching at $97 a week (only currently available to LWS students) so I am super excited to be starting this new chapter with the people who accessed it.

So as you can see, I am still a busy beaver and not cruising up Easy Street just yet, although I am creeping closer every day :)

That’s pretty much my update for this week.

I hope your own online business is growing super fast and you are striding towards success online, because I truly believe:


C yaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sally “Happy To Be Blogging Again” Neill

ps. Just wanna say thank you to the students who placed their trust in me, followed my training and took ACTION – YOU ROCK… Keep Pushing Forward… FAST!


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