sally and jadeHey Everyone,

I am soooooooooooooooooooo sorry not to have posted in so long.

It’s been over a month since I posted on my blog.

But as you know, I have a busy bee (not beaver!) lately.

Working with Alex has been fun but hectic at times!

I have struggled to find a happy medium between working online 9-5 and then doing my own “stuff” in the evening.

But I have learned a TON OF STUFF from Alex.

I have just finished recording a quick video, which covers the MAIN point I have learned from working with Alex.

It’s probably NOT something you want to hear about, but it’s certainly something you have to start doing ASAP.

The video is below, hope you find it helpful.

Well I better go…

Christmas is approaching and Jade is hyper!

She is patiently awaiting Santa’s arrival (I do feel guilty that she still believes in him, and feel like a complete liar when she asks “Mummy, is Santa real or do you buy the presents?” hope she understands when she finds out the truth!)

Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and I shall speak to you in 2011, oh how the years flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by!

C yaaaa, Sally :)

ps. If you did not know Santa isn’t real, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry ha!

pps. To create the video I used Camtasia and Powerpoint 2010, for all you budding video marketers out there.

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