wii boxing and internet marketingBit of a crazy post this, but bear with me…

Ok, so how did playing a Wii Boxing Game at the weekend help me with my online business.


I injured my shoulder, to be all technical, I have a Rotator Cuff Injury and it’s PURE AGONY.

I am clock watching until the time comes for another painkiller and some Ibuprofen, plus I stink of Deep Heat spray too!

Hence, this blog post may be a bit short because it hurts terribly to type and one handed typing is soooooo slow!

The Best Laid Plans…

I am gutted not to be able to do everything I had planned to do online this week.

  • The second phase of the 100 comments challenge is now in place, and I need to visit the blogs of the 100 contributors, plus social bookmark their posts.
  • I had planned to finish my wordpress plugins ebook and videos this week too.
  • I have three products to review and write testimonials for.
  • I have not been active on any of the forums I like to frequent.
  • Also most of the new comments on my blog have not received a personal reply from me, which I always like to do.
  • My @SallyNeill twitter mentions have had no personal replies
  • Plus I was in the middle of doing another Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs video – Part 2.

The blogs sending me the most traffic have changed significantly, and I will now be doing a regular update of blogs sending me traffic.

The previous post Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs was kinda popular, so I want to make it a regular feature on my blog, so that you can hop over to those blogs and grab some nice juicy traffic for yourself too.

Not sure my daughter Jade want’s to help me out with the videos this time, the notion has worn off already ha ha.

I have also noticed a lot of people are writing about my blog posts on their blog, so I want to try and add a little shout out to my favourite posts mentioning my blog too, share the love so to speak!

So you can see THIS WAS SOOOOOO NOT THE TIME TO GET INJURED playing silly games on the Wii.

sally neill photo

However, I am the Mario Kart Champion so it’s not all bad ha ha.

So basically I was feeling kind of down at the beginning of this week because I cannot complete any of the above tasks.

Every Cloud has a silver lining.

However, as I am unable to do any REAL(?) work online this week, I decided to return to my Alex Jeffreys Coaching calls, and re-listen to them all over again.

And boy am I glad I did.

I now have my next 5 products all mapped out AND they all tie into each other very nicely.

So I am really pleased.

Turning Excuses Into Results…

So whilst my week had initially looked like a wasted one, it actually turned out to be extremely productive for me.

This week I could have used the excuse of my shoulder injury to do nothing online.

But I didn’t, I don’t want to be just another wannabee Internet Marketer full of excuses and never getting anything finished.

I want results from my online efforts.

You should too, make sure you take MASSIVE action everyday to drive towards your online goals.

Try not to let anything life throws at you get you down.

Overcome these obstacles and hurdles, you will come out stronger in the end.

Well that’s all for now, I hope you are well and healthy, unlike me!

Speak soon, Sally :)

ps. My next blog post will be the 2nd Part to Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs, and there is a newcomer in town sending my blog a TON OF TRAFFIC, keep your eyes peeled,  might just be your blog I mention!

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