Hey Everyone, quickie blog post…


So who wants to buy me a beer then?

There are only 8 spots available for this because after 4 beers I am unconscious ha ha.

So yes, those of you good at maths know that 2 x 4 = 6 (dammit I mean 8 lol)

And that’s because I will be attending 2 offline events in the UK June 2011.

The first one is held monthly by my lovely friend Randy Smith whom I am sure you all know…

And you can book here:


North Allerton Meet Up

The Oddfellows Arms, 251 High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8DJ
Event Dates:
Saturday June 4th
Event Start Time
:  Arrive 1pm Finish 5pm(ish)

Now there are only limited spaces, so please be quick.

I am pretty sure we get “chip butties” so that’s a reason in itself to go ha ha

(I am a greedy thing I know… but I LOVE LOVE LOVE FOOD!)

There are quite a few people confirmed to go already.

And I am sure those people will shout out in a comment below if they are attending…


Another of my fav guys online…

Alex Jeffreys is holding an event in London and you can get FREE access here:


(don’t visit the home page or you will have to pay $997)


Holiday Inn Camden Lock, London UK
Event Dates: Saturday June 11th & Sunday 12th June
Event Start Time:  Arrive 8:30am For 9am Start

So there ya go, your ideal opportunity to buy me a beer ha ha.

Ok Ok…

I guess you will learn lots of fabulous tips and make new relationships with like minded marketers too!!!

Right well, that’s it for this post, I really do hope if you have the time you can come to one of the events and say hi to me.

I promise I am a friendly thing!

(especially if you introduce yourself with the offer of buying me a beer ha ha)

K gotta shoot and finish off a powerpoint presentation…

I will be holding my very first webinar soon, so watch this space…

C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sally :)

ps. mine’s a corona, with a slice of lime if you’re asking (used to be budweiser but they give me a BAD headache tut!)

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