Hey Everyone,

Hands up whose email inbox has took a pounding this week?

I know mine has!

Promotional email after promotional email.

It seems to be a week for launches of new FREE products.

As you know I disappeared off the Internet Marketing scene for a while so on my return I signed up to a few mailing lists for a quick catch up.

It seems that FREE is the new way to sell, with free / greatly reduced cost trial memberships coming in a close second.

I don’t have a problem with getting stuff for free, heck I love it!

And I think trial memberships are the greatest thing a membership site owner can offer you too.

I love to have a look around and test run a membership before I buy.

But it seems there is a new generation of marketers online, the freebie givers.

Now of course we all know it’s easier to give something away for free rather than sell something.

But when I am continually sent emails with freebie after freebie after freebie it starts to wear a bit thin.

The initial excitement of getting a free report is wearing off fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to get free stuff of high value, I honestly do.

But most of these offers are so blatantly just a ploy for instant commissions it’s becoming irritating.

I was recently signed up to receive a newsletter from a guy online (I wont name him) but all he does it send me links to download his “friends” latest free report.

This guy must be the most popular guy in the world he has so many “friends”.

Almost every second day I am sent another email with another freebie.

There has never been any sign of the promised newsletter with outstanding content I signed up for.

If I had signed up for every freebie offer he sent me so far, I would now be on another 18 other marketers mailing lists in just under 3 weeks.

Now there is a recipe for information overload if ever I seen one.

I know I told you that when you are strapped for cash, freebies are the way to educate yourself.

But choose your freebies carefully or before you know it, you will have emails from 50 marketers all promoting more freebies and products.

I finally unsubscribed from that guy’s list because the freebie emails with no other content except a two liner email saying “Grab your free access to this gift from my friend because it’s brilliant” eventually got on my nerves.

Do not overuse the power of giving away free reports, choose freebies you offer wisely.

And if you must use this method of making money, at least include some real content in your emails and / or rotate it a little, don’t just fire freebie after freebie at your subscribers.

We all know that by giving away freebies from other marketers we can ultimately make money.

I honestly don’t mind that, if I get a link to a truly outstanding report for free I am over the moon.

If I happen to buy a future product from that person, and my referrer gets a commission, that’s great, after all they recommended me to the report in the first place.

What I do have a problem with is marketers promoting every free report they can find just to try and pump me for the chance of  commissions.

I don’t believe that person has my best interests at heart, I believe they are only after commissions.

Promote a free report because it contains outstanding quality.

If you then make a commission, great!

If you don’t make a commission, at least your subscribers still know you are not just trying to cash in on them.

I for one do not intend to rapidly fire freebies at my own subscribers, quite frankly my subscribers deserve more than that.

This may be stupid on my part, I will probably lose out on lots of commission but I don’t care.

I will not promote a free report just for the sake of a commission.

Online Marketers often forget that a mailing list is not just a list of random email addresses, they are the emails of real people, people who put their trust in you when they first signed up to your mailing list.

If you promise a newsletter, give them a newsletter.

Be very honest when you are building a mailing list, tell people EXACTLY what they can expect from you then they won’t sign up if they don’t want to.

Don’t trick people into signing up, then force feed them your affiliate link stuffed emails, this puts you on a slippery slope to lots of spam complaints and unsubscribes.

Be straight with people, and treat them how you would like to be treated.

If you are not making money from emails you send out, I can guess it’s because all you do is send out promotion after promotion after promotion.

That is not the way to make money from email marketing.

Treat your subscribers with the respect they deserve, don’t just try to make a fast buck from them.

Be like me, only ever offer a free report if it contains true value for your subscribers like the one I am about to tell you about…

And if you read on, you will see I am not doing it for a COMMISSION FROM YOU.

My friend (and he actually is my friend) Alex Jeffreys is offering a free copy of his “Gurus Nightmare” report.

You won’t find a sneaky upsell, or a one time offer, just a free report with great content, that every Internet Marketer should read, both experienced and newbie ones.

The report is free, and it will open your eyes to Internet Marketing in a way they have never been opened up before.

I have great respect for Alex and I always recommend his products, paid or free.

This report is free.

Future reports offered to you may cost money.

Using my affiliate link, means if you buy anything from Alex in the future, I get a commission.

If you don’t use my affiliate link, I wont get a commission.

So just to prove I am not just after a commission from you, here is two links to access the free report.

My Affiliate Link Click Here

Not My Affiliate Link Click Here

I think that will show you how much I want you to read the report.

Even if you choose to use the link that doesn’t benefit me, I don’t care, just so long as you read Alex’s report.

I know almost everyone trying to make money from an online business will relate to Alex’s report in many ways.

He started off selling mini motorcycles (of all things!) on eBay and progressed to his successful status today, whilst still keeping his reputation and morals intact.

A truly down to earth, trustworthy guy, that’s why I like Alex so much.

Download his report, there is nothing to buy today, just 100 pages of pure honesty, sprinkled with lots of spelling mistakes, written by a guy who deserves success simply because of the amount of help he gives to other people.

Take Care,

Sally :)

P.S. If you want to sign up as an Affiliate for Alex, and give away the report to your subscribers for free go here:

Alex Jeffreys Affiliate Sign Up

PPS. Have you filled out my quick survey yet? You can fill it out here: Sally’s Quick Survey

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