Hey Guys N Gals,

For ONCE I wish I was 40!!!

That would have made a much cooler blog post title ha ha!

Anyway… on Wednesday the 2nd of March 2011 at 7pm (GMT)…

I shall tick another of my marketing milestone boxes…

And I would like you to be a part of my marketing history!

Alex Jeffreys, my coach, my mentor and my BOSS has agreed to hold a special webinar with me.

Here is my special link: Alex Jeffreys & Sally Neill Free Webinar

Gotta admit, it’s sooooooooooooooo cool seeing my name with Alex’s!

Now, I wouldn’t think that it would come as a surprise, Alex being the first person I do a webinar with I mean.

Let’s face it, throughout my marketing career Alex has been at the forefront.

  • Alex is always pushing me.
  • Alex is always teaching me.
  • Alex is always encouraging me.
  • Alex is always giving me advice.
  • Alex is just basically always there for me!

Lately, as part of my “day job” Alex has been showing me the “ins and outs” of Go To Webinar.

He took the time to set up a “test” webinar meeting and talked me through all the settings, kinda like a crach course.

Allowed me to be an organiser on a few of the Forward to Marketing training videos.

Even trusted me to take control of recording one of the LIVE student coaching calls!

Using Goto Webinar was kinda scary for me, as I have only ever been an attendee before.

And I have to tell you, when Alex threw me a curve ball, live on a training video, and asked me to share my screen I almost had a heart attack!

I thought to myself, “OMG, everyone will see my dirty messy desktop” ha ha.

But it all went ok and I am now really confident using the Goto Webinar software.

So if any of you need help with Goto gimme a shout!

One thing I DON’T LIKE about goto webinars is the very end of the call.

After you “end the meeting” you have to wait for a pop up box to render the call and download/save it to your pc.

I swear, those 30 seconds or so feel like a lifetime…

I sit with my fingers crossed, praying that little box pops up and the call recorded ok.

I always dread having to say to Alex, “hey Alex sorry but I forgot to hit record” or something!

But thankfully it has all been great.


Like I said, on Wednesday 2nd March at 7pm (GMT) I will be holding a joint webinar with Alex Jeffreys.

Alex will be delivering his latest and brand new training on Automated Profit Funnels.

I have been working very hard with him to compile the powerpoint presentation and it does PACK A PUNCH!

I still get so amazed at how well Alex understands marketing and how easily he explains it.

So if right now, you are:

  • Lost online without a real plan
  • Stuck and don’t know what to do next
  • Maybe you need a push in the right direction
  • Maybe you are over-complicating things and never getting anything done!
  • Or perhaps you just need some motivation!

This call should be really helpful to you.

Anytime I listen to a coaching call or training from Alex I come off the call pumped, with a plan and ready to take on the WORLD!


It would really make my day if you could join me on the live webinar and become a part of my marketing history.

So many of you have walked side by side with me on my journey online.

Been there every step of the way with me.

Helping me, encouraging me, stroking my ego lol.

I do feel really lucky to have you lot!

And I would LOVE for you to join me live on the Automated Profit Funnels Webinar:

Automated Profit Funnels Registration Link

It should be a blast and when the call ends, you can imagine me sitting there…

Like a nervous wreck, waiting on that lil pop up box, panicking that the call has not recorded ha ha!

One last thing before you shoot off and register (I hope)…

I am trying to promote the webinar as much as I can, so any tips you have for me would be great!!!

So far I have submitted free press releases, posted in a few forums, added an event on Facebook, Tweeted the link on Twitter and…

I found some cool sites where you can add your webinar for free!

So I have added them below for you (take a note of them for when you hold your own webinar in the future)













There are probably TONS more!

But I found them on Google at 2am this morning and I was sooooooo tired!

Anyway, that’s a few to get you started.

If you know any more, or you have some super ideas for helping me promote my webinar, please leave a comment below.

Right, that’s it for this post…

I hope to speak to you on the live on the coaching call with Alex Jeffreys.

Take care, Sally :)

ps. If you could tweet this blog post on Twitter for me and share the link on Facebook that would be FAB!

Or if you are about to publish a new blog post, feel free to give my webinar a shout out, just like my good buddy Jacinta Dean did.

Thanks Everyone, c yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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