sally neill david walker interviewHey Everyone,

Quick update on what I done with my David Walker interview.

All I seem to do is quick updates lately!!!

Ok, so my interview with David..

If you don’t have a clue what I am on about, read this post

Sally’s First Interview with David Walker

That was my very first interview I ever done.

After I done the interview, I really didn’t have a clue what to do next.

Alex Jeffreys To Save The Day…

Although Alex was impressed with my interview, he even showed my blog post live on a student coaching call, he felt I was not monetizing the interview correctly.

Which I wasn’t, so he gave me a few tips.

I of course take everything Alex tells me as gospel…

Bonus Page…

First Alex told me to get a special discount or bonus to offer people who listened to the interview.

This would allow me to get a great deal for my subscribers and also make me some affiliate commissions at the same time.

So after twisting David’s arm up his back  he relented and gave me a special discount.

(I didn’t really have to do that, he was more than happy to allow me to offer a discount)

The bonus David gave me, allowed my subscribers access to his Blog Not Slog Breakthrough product at a fraction of the original cost.

You can see my special bonus page here: Blog Not Slog Bonus Page

Pretty cool I thought, so big thanks to David for allowing me to offer that.

His blogging course is amazing, I am currently working my way through it myself.

Get The Interview Transcribed…

Next Alex suggested I get the interview transcribed.

This would allow people the option to download a pdf of the interview.

Not everyone likes to listen to interviews so an ebook type report may be a preferred choice.

So my search for a transcriber online began…

After asking around a few fellow marketers with no real leads to a CHEAP transcriber, a fellow AJ student (Glyn Lafferty) suggested I try looking in the Warrior Forum.


This is where I found the lovely Kimberly from Fingers4HireTranscription.Com.

Kimberly transcribed the entire interview, which is just over 30 minutes long, for only $28.50.

Bargain of the century that was as I was originally quoted over $100.

Kimberly’s transcription rates are charged per minute ie. the length of the mp3, not a set rate, which is great.

She had my interview transcribed overnight and sent back to me in a word document format in under 24 hours.

Kimberly was fabulous and I highly recommend her, if you need a transcription service, at a low cost, just visit her site and tell her I sent you.

I believe Kimberly also transcribes videos too, so always good if you want a text version of a video tutorial you have created etc.

Then I simply used the free software Open Office to convert it to pdf.

Few Final Add On’s

Before I converted the word document to pdf…

I whipped up a quick cd cover image, I am not paying someone $17 when I can do it in 5 mins!

I added a little personal intro about myself into the report, with a link back to my blog for some traffic.

I also added my special bonus link in the header and footer, to hopefully make more sales.

Wrote a quick few lines saying the ebook can be sold or given away for free, to encourage it to go viral.

Put my special bonus link at the end of the interview content, again maybe make more sales.

Then I simply exported the document to pdf and I was done.


The next thing I done was search around for a free brandable ebook.

An ebook I was allowed to give away for free, that would include my affiliate link to a product(s).

Found a great one over at Lee McIntyres Affiliate area.

So I downloaded the brandable ebook package and used the brander to add my affiliate links inside.

Then I added that branded bonus ebook into the zip file alongside my Interview Ebook.


You can download the zip file on my interview page here:

Sally Neill Interviews

Inside the folder you will see the ebook I created from the interview with David, and the bonus ebook that contains my affiliate links.

A pretty simple process really, but it was rather time consuming.

Just thought I would let you all know what I done, in case you are interviewing people and want to monetize your own interviews.

The process is still not completely finished, next I intend to…

Set up a squeeze page to collect emails for the interview/pdf download


I am also considering submitting the pdf to the many hundreds of free ebook sites out there too.

No rest for the wicked!

Will be sure to post when I have completed the last final steps.

As always, if you have any questions, just pop them in a comment below…

Catch you all soon, Sally :)

Note: The payment button on the bonus page may be de-activated right now, or redirect to another link, as David is currently moving blog not slog breakthrough over to a monthly paid membership.

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