usb plugged into brainJust a quick update about what happened after my interview with David Walker.

Basically Alex showed this blog post live on one of the Alex Jeffreys Student coaching calls.

A very proud moment for me!

I would love to say I got nothing but praise for the interview I done, but I didn’t…

It was tainted a little by some mistakes, or marketing potential I had failed to cash in on.

As well all know, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows unfortunately!

There was quite a few important points Alex raised.

I guess that’s why Alex is the coach and I am the student.

Alex probably knows Internet Marketing better than the back of his hand.

Sometimes I wish I could just get a usb stick that contained all of Alex’s knowledge, and plug it directly into my brain and download it all at once.

My brain would probably explode with information overload though!

But sadly, there is no magic Alex Jeffreys usb stick.

I am just going to have to learn everything the good old fashioned way, learning over time, as one of his students.

Ok, back to my interview…

Alex nicely pointed out a few areas I had missed out on, I say nicely because he wasn’t shouting at me, was just trying to gently nudge me into the right direction..

Alex showed me that I was missing out on a few things , mainly monetization and list building potential.

To be honest I never really thought about these areas when I done the interview with David.

Sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees!

One of the suggestions Alex made was to suggest that rather than me providing direct access to the interview, I could have posted a link to a squeeze page.

When a person read the blog post and was interested in the interview, they would visit the squeeze page.

On the squeeze page I could collect their email address and then provide a download link.

Super duper recommendation, which I will implement asap.

The next point Alex made was to suggest using the power of a one time offer.

Such an obvious idea!

But I never thought about doing that.

I could have kicked myself because I know about the huge earning potential of one time offers.

Basically a one time offer, is an offer made to a person immediately after they sign up.

For anyone who thinks one time offers don’t work, trust me they do.

I used them many times in my previous online business and they worked a treat!

When I first started list building I was not taking advantage of one time offers.

I was simply collecting subscribers emails and then they would receive emails sequentially from Aweber.

Way back in 2007 I stumbled up OTO Goldmine.

A site that basically helped people with nothing to offer, to set up an OTO using their products.

That was a major turning point in making money online for me.

I think the 3rd subscriber that signed up, after I started using OTO Goldmine, bought the ebook package at $37.

Possibly the easiest money I ever made online was from using that software, sales just rolled in.

However, whilst it was good to be earning money, I quickly realized setting up my own one time offer, with my own products would be much better for me.

The reason I needed my own one time offer was because although the packages I could use at OTO Goldmine were great, they were not specifically targeted to my audience.

If I could create a highly relevant package of ebooks for my audience and offer it as an OTO I knew I would make more sales.

Right Offer, Right People, Right Time…

All I had to do was get the right offer, in front of the right people, at the right time and I would make sales.

So I set up a package of ebooks, all containing MY links inside them, then sold them (with master resell rights) as a One Time Offer to subscribers after they signed up.

Now I did not personally write those ebooks.

I used FREE Private Label Rights ebooks.

I downloaded some free private label rights ebooks and just basically stuck my website name in the header and footer, plus put a small line of text at the beginning of each ebook saying “This Ebook Was Brought To You By Sallys-Ebooks”.

As each person bought the package three  things happened…

1. I built a list of buyers.

2. They would resell the ebooks they bought that contained MY links.

3. I got a ton of traffic.

That’s when I started to notice a BIG surge in traffic to the sites the ebooks linked to.

The ebooks would then be bought by other people who would resell them online and on eBay so basically my ebooks hit a viral ebook explosion!

Once an ebook goes viral you really do hit the traffic and commissions jackpot.

Now if you think that’s the end of it, it’s not…

People quickly realized what I was doing, and they would contact me to ask how they could get THEIR links inside the ebooks.

Again I could make money from this.

I simply told them I had got the private label rights ebooks for free here.

They would go sign up for the free plr ebooks, and then get offered an OTO of an upgraded membership.

Brilliant or what!

If they took the offer, can you guess what happened?


I got an affiliate commission.

Easy Money Again.

That was when the easy money started to roll in basically all on autopilot.

The viral ebook explosion had begun…

I amended all the ebooks in my one time offer package.

Instead of just saying “brought to you by Sallys-Ebooks” there was now an additional line of text that said “get your links inside this ebook” with my affiliate link.

As the ebooks went viral again, my commissions jumped through the roof.

Implement One Time Offers Into Your Online Business

I hope you can see the potential a one time offer can have for your business and why Alex’s simple suggestion reminded me that oto’s are a vital part of any online business.

Remember to think about the whole picture.

Don’t just think about getting that first sale.

Concentrate on your back end, what will happen AFTER that one time offer.

Think about how you can use every part of your one time offer to work for you on auto pilot.

Remember Alex tells us constantly …. planning is crucial!

Don’t rush off and create a product.

Create your profit pulling plan FIRST.

I hope you found this blog post useful and that it helps you in your quest for online success.

Sally :)

ps. I have obviously taken the advice Alex Jeffreys gave me and I am going to run with it, so I will keep you updated on how I create a one time offer and how it works out for me.

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