sally neill new houseHey Guys ‘n’ Gals

So what’s finally here????

My New House ha ha!

Well I do actually have a new “flat” which we call it here in Scotland.

You can see a little photo of the new place Jade and I shall be moving to this week.

Not a mansion I know, but I think Jade and I will be super happy there, anyway I don’t want a big mansion!

Can you imagine the upkeep and cleaning a mansion would take????

Nahhhhhh, not for me, I am too lazy ha ha.

1000 Naked Barbie Dolls Was Just Too Much!

Right now I am taking a rest, from packing up Jade’s barbie dolls, about a 1000 of them, all naked,  for some strange reason???

And I am writing this blog post, which will be my last for a few weeks.

You see I am now officially on a usb dongle internet connection which is sooooooooooooo SLOW!

My main pc is now packed away for the move, and I will only have my laptop.

Oh dear, my life is so hectic right now I tell ya!

If I wasn’t so busy with Alex’s launch, I think I would buckle under the stress.

Right now I am flying by the seat of my pants and hardly have a moment to think…

But I won’t go on about it…

Because in a few weeks Jade and I will be in our new home, all before Christmas which is FAB!

All this will just be a distant memory I can look back on and laugh at right?

So What Is Finally Here???

I was referring to Alex Jeffreys New Coaching Program…

And as you know, I am now part of his “A” team.

So for the past few weeks I have been working on video tutorials and powerpoint slides for the members area.

I am offically a Powerpoint and Camtasia expert!

(Big shout out to Kathy Dobson, who actually got me a free copy of Camtasia 7, thanks Kathy, you’re an ANGEL!)

But the video creation has been a great learning curve  and I did wanna learn lots of “stuff” so I guess I got what I wished for.

I have sneaked my video intro below so you can see it, I am sure Alex wont mind.

I like the kinda electrical buzzing effect Tim put on my name.

(No one has seen that yet, so you got a lil sneak peak ha ha)

It feels really strange being on the other side of Alex’s coaching, actually being behind the scenes.

Because only a few months ago I was a student myself.

Now I am actually a part of the Team which is CRAZZZZZZYYYY!

Sometimes I still feel like I am looking at files, folders, documents etc that I shouldn’t be ha ha.

How Do You Promote A Product Without Being Hypey???

So I really want to promote Alex’s coaching, because I truly believe it will change someone’s life, but…

Everytime I try to compose an email, it sounds so fake and hypey!

Which is a nightmare, because it’s actually all true!!!

I honestly believe accessing Alex coaching will actually change someone’s life, but whose gonna believe that???

This Email Will Change Your Life…

How many times have you had an email proclaiming to be the life changing one?

God, I get a ton of them everyday.

Must be really hard for people starting out online to know who they can trust.

But even harder for people who have already wasted a fortune online, and are sick of false promises!

I personally tried a couple of coaching type programs before Alex’s and if I am honest, they didn’t really benefit me.

It was when I accessed Alex’s coaching that I really felt like I could achieve my dreams online.

Now I am by no means, even close to my dreams yet, but I am on my way.

The biggest change from the coaching with Alex, is my lack of fear.

Honestly, I am normally a big scaredy cat!

Terrified to do anything new, but not anymore.

Now this has not just affected me online, it’s actually changed me offline too.

I am much more confident.

I try lots of new things.

(Even rock climbing up a wall in the middle of a busy City Centre Street in Glasgow, but I will tell you that story some other time)

So why did Alex’s coaching help me sooooo much, well…

  • The coaching with Alex taught me not be afraid.
  • The live calls made me take action.
  • The support of my fellow students spurred me to keep moving forward.

Without all of those components, it simply would not have turned out the same.

That’s why I KNOW coaching is the way to go.

No $47 dollar ebook will give you everything that great coaching does.

Alex is a great coach in my eyes.

Regular readers of my blog know how much I respect Alex and I am truly grateful to him for everything he has done for me.

Maybe you believe in life changing emails, maybe you don’t?

I just know the day I got my email from Alex did change my life.

I also know this coaching will change someone else’s life.

And probably change more than 1 person’s life to be honest.

Alex has a proven track record for bringing out the best in his students.

There are tons of people online more than willing to share their success stories from coaching with Alex.

All those people can’t be wrong, right?

So rather than worry too much about composing my “promo” email, I am just gonna be honest.

Send out the “this could change your life” email and hope that someone does read it.

That someone does see I am being truthful.

And that someone does take action.

I expect there will be a big buzz around Alex’s blog as the coaching prepares to launch.

I know there is going to be a free ipad and free membership for one lucky person.

(hope one of my blog readers win, that would be super cool!).

When Alex mentioned the Ipad, I almost fainted and I actually posted a message on Basecamp saying “alex, plzzzzz can I have the Ipad haha”

Alex replied “I will make sure Santa brings you one, wink”

Alex is the best boss everrrrrr!!!

Anyway make sure you sign up, I am sure you will be glad you did:

Then remember to watch out for the next email from Alex, and I hope YOU win the Ipad and Free Coaching – GOOD LUCK!

Anyway, I gotta go…

Got a hypey(???) email to write plus a whole lot of packing to do!

Best get back to it…

I will catch you all in a few weeks, when Jade and I are settled into our new home.

Take care, c yaaaaaaaaaa,

Sally :)

ps. don’t forget to click the facebook “like” button, my face gets lonely down there by itself ha ha!

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