Copywriting Tips For Creating Perfect Sales Pages

You may, or may not, have received an email from me regarding the sales page “Getting Your Ex” back.

If you want to see the sales page we will be discussing then click the link below:

Get Your Ex Back NOW

Ok, it’s not the best sales page is it!

And contruary to popular belief it WAS NOT MY SALES PAGE OR PRODUCT!

I simply wanted comments…

So after my email, I received many many MANY comments!

Lots of you had the same comments, which I totally expected!

You see the point of the email was to see whether or not you should use a standard format for a sales page online.

I am now certain that any online marketer should follow some sort of guide.

Of course the content would be different on each sales page, but the standard format should always remain the same.

Here is my own personal preferences or inclusions for writing a sales page:

Pre-Headline (This is optional)

Main Headline (in Quotes)

Sub Headine (See the detail below for making them a short story…)

Introduction (Grab the reader’s attention and keep it throughout!)

Testimonials (Real Ones, never be tempted to use false Testimonials!)

Audio (Audio shows you / a testimonial is genuine and that you are a real person)

Video (Use for proof of your product claims, demos of your product, or for testimonials).

Bonuses (Make sure they are related to your original product and give them a price to make them more appealing)

Early Bird Bonuses (These bonuses can get you more sales)

Pictures / Ecover of Your Product (Again a picture says more to someone than you can, make it shout GREAT!)

Call To Action (this is where you begin to tighten those thumb screws, tell them exactly what they should do next)

Guarantee (Always give a money back guarantee it takes an element of risk out of the purchase, the period of redemption is your choice)

Order Link (Always state the price don’t have readers guessing!)

Ordering Options Explained (Make is SUPER_EASY for a person to buy, take them through all the steps including product delivery method etc)

P.s (Remind about the primary benefits to your product)

Another Ps! (Add a special bonus or a further benefit to motivate the person to buy your product)

Disclaimer, Your Terms of Condition, Privacy Policy (Self Explanatory)

Contact / Support (Always good for customers to have contact with you for questions, or if product is not received etc)

Now again, the content will vary for each sales page but you should always try to include:

Bullet Points (For listing benefits to your product, problems your product will solve, let people know how they feel after they buy your product etc)

Images & Screenshots & PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS! (Help break up the boredom of reading lines and lines of text!)

From many of the comments I received I also understood that many people found the sales page far too long and boring!

Not necessarily just because the topic was not of interest, but it just wasn’t made interesting to the reader.

Your sales page should have the reader begging for more and itching to click the “buy on it now” button!

Make sure you make your paragraphs short as well as your sentences, never try to use technical terms, but if you have to then at least give an explanation of them.

It is also a great idea to split parts of your sales page up with the clever use of sub-headlines.

I once read (sorry can’t remember where) that if you can make these sub-headlines or sub-titles read or flow like a story then you are doing a good job!

Sub-headlines can also catch the eye of the reader, or the infamous sales page scroller!

You know the people I mean, they read a little then scroll down the page to see the price!

I am a self confessed page scroller and have often been stopped in my tracks by a sub-headling, or particularly eye catching graphic etc.

Colour is also very important, here is a very quick description of how colours can affect your mood:


Black is the color of authority and power.

Black also implies submission.

Black can be overpowering, or imply the dark / evil side / untrustworthy!


Brides wear white to show innocence and purity so the colour white induces feelings of moral certainty, integrity, purity, trust and goodness.


As you will no doubt know RED packs a punch!

It increases heartbeat and energy in most people.

It also has romantic links such as intimacy and passion!

Red is commonly used to warn us of danger and emergency etc.


Yellow is energizing, happy, friendly and welcoming!

Although you may not think it, yellow is thought to be more attention grabbing then RED!


The colour Blue makes us feel calm and relaxed.

It is also thought to be an appetite suppressant due to the lack of blue foods!

Blue also reflects trust and confidence.


Green is relaxing whilst also giving a peaceful inner feeling or state of mind.


Purple can instill fear, intense anger and confusion, a colour to avoid!

So I guess the next time you are designing your sales pages, it would good to pay attention to which colours you use for the text, images and graphics!

I hope the above information has given you some food for thought when you are writing sales pages.

Believe me, once you master this art, selling really is a piece of cake!

Final thoughts…

If you do come across a REALLY BAD sales pages, there is nothing to stop you re-writing it, uploading it to your site and diverting people to the sale through your OWN affiliate link!

I bet you will make more sales than the original sales page ever does!

Also, when you see a SUPER SALES PAGE add it to your internet favourites and refer back to it for inspiration, if you keep doing this you will be an expert in no time at all.

It’s a good idea when you are starting out writing sales pages to get people’s opinions on your sales page.

There is a great copywriting section in the Warrior Forum where the forum members will be happy to rip apart, sorry, give you feedback on your sales page, always very helpful!

If you would like to know more about Copywriting and Sales Pages the I highly recommend Randy Smith’s “Salesletter ABC“.

I love the way Randy writes, and he explains all the techniques very well, ideal for beginners too.

You can get a copy by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who replied to the initial email and if you HAVE ANY COMMENTS to this post, simply reply below.

I’d love to hear from you.

Sally :)

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