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Top Ten Blogs That Sent My Blog Traffic

increasing blog trafficHey Everyone,

Sorry this post about blog traffic took so long…

Major things happened over the past few weeks so I have been super busy!

So here is “Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs” Video Part 2.

Hopefully the blogs that are sending me a ton of traffic, can help you increase traffic your blog too.

Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick blog post and a video.

I am super excited as this weekend I am off to London to attend the Internet Millionaires Summit, so if you are going please come say “Hi” to me.

When I reserved my ticket I was not aware quite a few of my Marketing With Alex 3.0 students would be going AND Alex Jeffreys himself will be going too, which is brilliant.

Over the past weeks I have been visiting many of my fellow students blogs and to meet some of the them in the flesh is really exciting.

I already feel like I know so many of them so well from reading their blogs, emailing and chatting to them on skype.

Pete Carr, has got us some Alex Jeffreys student t-shirts printed, so we are all going to wear them and get a group photo taken, I will be sure to a copy on my blog when I come back.

Should be fun anyway so I am looking forward to it.

Been a kinda strange week for me this week, I tend to have highs and lows as I do this coaching.

In It To Win It Blog Traffic Update

sally neill review of blog traffic

Click On Image For Larger View

Well I thought it was about time I posted a screen shot of my Google Analytics stats for the amount of traffic coming to my blog.

I have recently been trying to drive as much traffic as possible to my blog because of a competition that is being run by my coach Alex Jeffreys, if you want to know more details about it, you can see my first post about it here:

In It To Win It

I had set myself a target of 8000 visitors, yeah right!

Very unlikely to reach that amount, but hey I gave it my best shot, can’t say I didn’t try.

To be honest I am not gutted I didn’t reach anywhere near my target, the main thing is I have taken steps to ensure I get traffic now, and for a long time to come.

RSS Feed Creation and Promotion

free rss icon imagesIn this blog post I am going to try and explain a method I have been using to increase the visibility of my blog and effectively drive more traffic to my blog, it’s RSS feeds.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, now it is really simple, but only once you understand it.

Like I said, it can get a little confusing when you have not used Rss before and I don’t want to get too technical.

What is RSS?

Basically an RSS feed is a list that is created from the content contained or added to your website or blog and updated on autopilot.

Let’s say, for example, I create an RSS feed for my blog today, then in a few days I add a new blog post, my rss feed is automatically updated without me doing anything, it’s like MAGIC!

Ok, I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible because it confused me lots when I first tried to learn about rss feeds, I am quite clearly not an RSS expert, but hopefully it helps you…

plating seeds for traffic generationHow I wish I had a crystal ball for my Internet Marketing business.

Lately I have been doing so much promoting for driving traffic to my blog it’s unreal!

It might even be considered madness, if I had not been tracking what I have been doing.

Mostly I have been using free blog traffic methods to get more traffic to my blog.

As I try to drive more traffic to my blog it’s often hard to keep pushing myself without knowing what the results will be, kinda like marketing methods in the dark.

When you are following  proven methods to get blog traffic, they ARE time consuming but they DO work.

Now you might not see results immediately, but don’t despair.

Over the past few weeks I have been blogging traffic by visiting other blogs, I am actually really glad I used that method because not only have I increased traffic to my blog, I have also leaned a whole lot of tips and strategies that will help me progress my online business, all for free too I might add.