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instant profit seminarHey Everyone,

The Internet Profit Seminar is over PHEW!

I have half recovered, had the shakes yesterday…

Lack of sleep or alcohol withdrawal I dunno lol.

I learned so much at the Instant Profit Seminar, and particularly enjoyed Dean Holland’s presentation on Warrior Special Offers.

Already have my own WSO mapped out, so gonna test Dean’s teachings on that out soon!

And Alex rocked the house with news of his latest ebook to be released soon… Gonna be another killer product to add to his collection so watch out for that!

Randy Smith Rocks!

randy smith north allerton meet upHey Everyone

So that’s me back from lil trip down to Randy Smith’s Northallerton meet up.

I took some photos like I promised and if you wanna see them here is the link:

Northallerton Marketing Meetup Fanpage

I made Randy a quick fanpage for his meetups because he kindly let myself and Dawn stay in his house for free :)

The drive down to Northallerton was lovely…

Took me about 3.5hrs from Glasgow and my sat nav only tried to make me drive into a field once!

Fancy A Room Full Of Gurus Anyone???

newcastle night out

Hey Guys ‘n’ Gals,

Well, as you know I went to Newcastle to meet Alex Jeffreys and Garry Parkes.

I took some photos and threw them together in a quick video below…

I was lucky enough to meet a few other Internet Marketers too.

You can see how many you recognize…

Newbies Nightmare Or Dream – A Room Filled With Gurus

I don’t know how you would react to being in the company of…

Alex Jeffreys, Daniel Sumner, John Thornhill, Chris Freville, Lee McIntyre, Dave Nicholson, Mark Orr and James Teale.