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climbing the ladder of success Hey, it’s me Sally Neill… remember… I used to blog lol.

I am still here, climbing up that ladder of success (one rung at a time) just not blogged much lately – sorreeeeeee.

Sooooooo now that all the spammy comments, blatant backlinks and trashy trackbacks left on my blog are deleted it’s back to business :)

This wont be a long post… gotta break myself in gently ha ha.

Been a hectic few months for me so the lil faithful blog has been neglected again.

learn with sally coaching Hey Cool Crowd :)


Can you hear that????

My very first coaching program is coming… woohoooooooo!

I am super duper excited because on my birthday (the 23rd July) my “Learn With Sally Coaching” will go LIVE.

OMG OMG OMG I have like the biggest smile on my face everrrrrrrr as I type this post.

Ok ok, I shall calm down for a moment cos this is important…

I have just finished writing a new ebook titled Newbies Next Chapter


I want to offer 3 people completely FREE access to my Learn With Sally coaching.

United We Brand Divided We Fall

Hey Everyone, another video blog post…sally neill thank you

I am literally running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready for Randy Smith’s Northallerton meet up tomorrow.

Taking my camera so I can snap lots of cool pics and share them in my next blog post.

Should be fun, if you are attending the meet-up then I shall c ya tomor!

Today’s video is basically a thank you for all your support so far.

You guys ‘n’ gals mean the world to me, and I am just so very grateful to y’all.

I Faced Another FEAR… Bring It On :)

sally neillYeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby!

That’s another of my BIGGEST FEARS faced and boy am I proud of myself!

Most of you already know I used to be a big wimp and scared to do anything online.

Then slowly but surely I started facing my fears head on and overcoming them one by one.

But getting IN FRONT of a video has been the fear that terrified me most and the one that’s taken me the longest to finally face.

Fancy buying me a beer? 8 spots avail…

Hey Everyone, quickie blog post…


So who wants to buy me a beer then?

There are only 8 spots available for this because after 4 beers I am unconscious ha ha.

So yes, those of you good at maths know that 2 x 4 = 6 (dammit I mean 8 lol)

And that’s because I will be attending 2 offline events in the UK June 2011.

The first one is held monthly by my lovely friend Randy Smith whom I am sure you all know…

And you can book here: