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Alex Jeffreys Student Blog Competition Result

sally neill blog traffic winnerHey Everyone,

Really short post, I am super busy with a ton of stuff but wanted to quickly mention this…

You may or may not remember that wayyyyyy back on Tuesday 12th May I wrote this post:

In It To Win It Blog Post

Basically, I had been on one of my Marketing With Alex Jeffreys student coaching calls.

We had been informed on the call that there would a competition…

To win, you had to get the most traffic to your blog over a 4 week period.

Well…. you will never guess what, I WON IT!

Five Commandments Of Blog Hopping

blog hopping tips If you are regularly oil rig or blog hopping then there are a few rules I would suggest you abide by…

Here are my five commandments of blog hopping etiquette.

A little fun list I put together after someone emailed me and said they want to blog hop but don’t know what to put in comments they leave…

1. Thou Shalt Not Pimp Thy Blog To Steal Thy Fellow Bloggers Traffic

The purpose of blog hopping is to add value to the blog author’s original post.

The purpose is not to blatantly advertise your site and steal their traffic.

Therefore you should not pack your comment with links intended to take traffic away from the author’s blog.