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Time to leave the Alex Jeffreys Nest…

Hey Hey Everyone

What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours…

Yesterday I made possibly the WORST DECISION of my internet marketing career….

OR the BEST DECISION of my internet marketing career.

I was sitting for about 20 minutes…

(with my mouse pointer hovering over the send button in my gmail account)

and I finally clicked SEND….PHEW!

Tough decision I tell ya…

Because that email was to Alex Jeffreys, handing in 4 weeks notice to stop working for him.

So in exactly 4 weeks time, I will essentially be joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Day 14 In The Alex Jeffreys ATeam

alex jeffreysHey Everyone,

Not quite sure why, but it seems lots of people wanna know how my new job is going…

Working with Alex Jeffreys and being part of his “A-Team” as he calls it.

I have been getting quite a few emails and messages on facebook and twitter, so I thought I would post an update here.

The opportunity of working with Alex Jeffreys was a dream come true obviously.

But I almost thought I had made possibly THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

Now I know that may sound a bit dramatic…

Sally Neill 2010

It’s the 4th of June 2010,  3.06 am and I am shaking like a leaf.

I am live on the Marketing With Alex coaching call with Alex Jeffreys and my fellow students as I type this blog post and I am not going to bed until I finish it…

Brocha Weiss brought up the subject of her cold mailing list, if she thinks her mailing list is cold, she has not seen mine!

I sent a message through the chat box to Alex, saying:

Alex this is really helping me as my list is cold cold cold right now, glad Brocha brought this up, have some great ideas on how to improve my emails now Sally :)

Alex replied:

get on phone now …

In It To Win It And Need YOUR Help

Hey Everyone,

I am really tired today, was on my coaching call with Alex Jeffreys last night until the “wee” small hours and I am feeling it now, yaaaaaawwwwwn.

But I faced a fear.

In the members forum Alex encouraged me to talk on the live call, not about anything in particular, just to talk.

You see on last week’s call I had raised my hand to talk, you press a little button on the webinar control panel, and this shows the organizer you have a question to ask.

You go in a queue and when it’s your turn the organizer un-mutes your microphone and everyone on the call can hear what you say.

Well the question and answer sections go on for ages and the longer I waited the more nervous I became.

It was much worse than waiting in a dental surgery or waiting to go into a job interview.

My heart was beating so loud I felt like I could hear it in my ears, I went to the toilet 3 times in quick succession and I smoked about 10 cigarettes (filthy habit I know) in a row and I was literally a bag of nerves.

As time ticked by my mind started going blank and I couldn’t remember the question I wanted to ask.

I think the reason I got in a such a fluster was because I was scared of making a fool of myself live on the call or saying something that sounded stupid and made me look like an idiot.

I know these coaching calls are recorded and there around 500 students who listen in live or to the replay which added even more pressure.

Funny thing is, people are so eager to jump in on the live calls and ask questions, where as it terrifies me.

Weird how some people are afraid of something, yet others simply take it in their stride.

Anyway, I clicked the little button to lower my hand and my heart rate.

What a wimp!

So last night I was determined to overcome my fear and speak on the call.

Again I went through the ritual of raising my hand and sitting getting myself into a state of fear…