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Hey Everyone,

Who said Twitter is not a great tool for marketing or networking?

Not Me!

Today I want to talk about the power of twitter and building relationships…

I am just literally off a 1 and 1/2 hour skype call with the lovely Katey Shaw from Australia.

G’day mate (by the way they do actually say “no worries” ha ha)

Katey Shaw is the owner of many sites including:

www.kateyshaw.com and www.outsourcingqueen.com

And she is just lovely, I am her new number 1 fan!

I bet Kathy Dobson becomes her 2nd fan due to their shared love of outsourcing, watch this space, I feel an interview between these two is on the cards…

How I Met Katey Shaw…

I met Katey from my blog hopping days, I found her personal blog, left a comment and then re-tweeted her post.

For which she politely thanked me for on Twitter.

No biggie right?


Little did I know that simple little act would lead me to a call with Katey on skype today.

And boy am I glad I had that call.

Katey took some time out from her busy schedule and helped me TONS.

She explained twitter lists, blogging, marketing, social media, branding, networking and much more.

The call arose after I sent Katey a DM (Direct Message) in Twitter, asking her if she could explain to me what the Twitter lists were on her Twitter Page Here:

Katey Shaw Twitter Page

I was curious as to what purpose they served and if setting up Twitter lists would help my online business.

Katey responded asking if I wanted to chat about twitter lists on skype, and we got on a call.

My Head Is In A Spin…

My head was literally spinning when I came off that call.

Katey is just so sweet and friendly with a lovely Aussie accent plus an addictive laugh too.

I really REALLY wish I recorded the skype call so you could listen in to all the secret ninja tips (as Katey calls them) that she shared with me.

She also pointed me in the direction of some cool sites I should check out which are:



Yaro Starak Blog

Jun Loayza


Social Media Marketing

Personal Branding Blog

All of which I will set some time aside to visit and read through the content.

I really don’t know how I can thank Katey for the time she spent with me.

She actually walked me through setting up my free HootSuite account and adding all my social media networks etc so that everything I do online is tied in together.

It was actually the the first time that I have ever used live screen-sharing on Skype too so that was FUN!

How Can I Thank Katey?

Well, as you know, I am not a big guru with a big list so I can do very little to thank Katey, except write this blog post and recommend you visit her sites:

www.kateyshaw.com and www.outsourcingqueen.com

Or you can simply follow Katey on Twitter:

Katey Shaw Twitter Page

I can see great things ahead for Katey.

I already suspect she is a guru, but she was too modest to admit this.

But I will certainly be following Katey and watching her progress closely.

Random Acts Of Kindness

If you read my blog you will know I love random acts of kindness.

Katey treated me so nicely and kindly, without a single benefit for herself.

This is the second time that has happened to me, the other time was Alex Whalley, another Australian, blogged about me in his post the 12 blog traffic program here.

Now as I never like to see a random act of kindness go to waste, I would like you to go read this blog post by Katey…

Katey Shaw – How We Treat People

and I challenge you not to feel moved by the content  in some way.

My personal favourites are the stories or points raised at number 3 & 5.

Enjoy the post and get the hankies ready…

Take care, Sally :)

ps. Why not do a random act of kindness yourself today and put a smile on someone’s face.

pps. I have created a twitter group for Alex Jeffreys students, so if you are a student and want me to add you send a tweet to @sallyneill.

You can view the group tweets here: Alex Jeffreys Student Twitter Group.

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