100 blog comments challengeHey Everyone,

I am writing this blog post as Jade jumps around in the background impatiently waiting to go ice skating…

So before I head off to fall about the ice and no doubt do myself a serious injury, I wanted to quickly let you know about a blogging challenge…

Would you like to get 100 comments on your blog?

And I am not talking about some crappy bot automated visits either.

I am talking about REAL VISITORS TO YOUR BLOG.

Jacinta Dean has started a challenge which anyone is free to participate in.

I just had a chat with Jacinta on Skype and she is super excited about the challenge.

It all started with an off the cuff bimbo comment (her words not mine) on the John Thornhill Masterclass Forum.

You can see full details here:


Already there are 44 active bloggers signed up!

I had initially said “NO” to participating as I retired from blog hopping a little while back.

But she is just so lovely and has put so much time and effort into this challenge that I decided to take part.

Jacinta is most definitely one to watch out for in the future, a star in the making.

I really think it would be wonderful to get 100 people participating and you can be a part of it.

Why should you participate?

It’s fun!

Everything online does not have to be all work, work, work, it’s nice to inject some fun into your online ventures too.

Plus as well as the fun, it will benefit you greatly to take part.

And if you think about, participating will only take a short amount of your time too.

What could these new visitors do for you?

So what could these new visitors to your blog potentially do?

Download your free ebook?

Sign up to your RSS feed?

Sign up for your newsletter?

Tell others about your site?

And much more!

The potential benefits for YOU are HUGE!

There is massive potential to get a ton of traffic as you can see.

Plus most of the people taking part in the challenge are interested in Internet marketing too.

So you will be meeting and building new relationships with like minded people.

People who you might joint venture with in the future, create a product with, who knows!

Go Sign Up Now

Like I said, the potential benefits for you from participating in this challenge are huge.

So I urge you to hop over to Jacinta’s blog here and take part now, BUT REMEMBER there is only room for 100 blogs and the spaces are going fast…SO HURRY!

Right, gotta grab my ice skates and head off to the rink before Jade has a tantrum!

Speak soon, Sally :)

ps. The blog at number 44 is the best one ;)

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