make me blog hopHey Everyone

Ok I am almost ready to resume my blog hopping antics.

Now just to set a few ground rules…

I want to explain the types of blogs I will visit, I am no longer targeting the random blogs, the expert blogs, the gurus blogs etc.

They don’t interest me, I am interested in your blog.

  • Your journey so far.
  • Your success stories.
  • Your failures (if any).
  • I am interested in YOU.

There are a million and one, maybe even a billion and one, blogs out there and I can’t visit them all, nor do I want to.

So go ahead, make me hop onto your blog…

I want to share with you the reasons I visit the blogs I do.

It used to be to steal your traffic ha ha ha, sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But it’s not now, I promise, I was trying to win a traffic competition if you can remember that far back, so please forgive me.

Anywayyyyy, my blog hopping antics taught me a valuable lesson, relationships are worth more than a ton of traffic.

Now I already admitted it, but I used to hop onto your blog to try and syphon as much of your traffic as I could, oh the shame of it.

But weird things happened…

  • I started to get to know you.
  • I started to feel your pain.
  • I started to feel your pleasure.
  • I started to actually like YOU!

And I found some really nice friends online, I could list those great people, but it would take me forever and I would be scared I missed someone out ha ha.

So I won’t name you, but you know who you are ;)

Now as I begin my quest to blog hop again, I have a dilemma…

So many blogs not enuf (yeah I spelt the word wrong) time!

Hence this blog post, I am challenging you to make me visit your blog.

Here are the rules…

  • Write content that’s interesting and teaches me something I don’t know.
  • Touch me in some way (ahem) get personal, let my nosey beak peak into your life.
  • Make me laugh (yep, i love to laugh!)

That’s it.

No, No wait….

Have a great blog post title.

We pretty much all use comluv right?

So when you leave a comment on my blog, I wanna see a blog post title that makes me click that link!

Don’t forget, with comluv you got 10 attempts at a great link back to your blog, just use that lil magic drop down arrow when you leave your comment and give me your best shot!

Of course this is all just for fun, but are you not sick of everything online being so bloody boring???

I am.

  • We all work hard.
  • We all try out best.
  • We all need some FUN!

Now if you don’t wanna:

  • Show off your latest talent to me.
  • Teach me something new.
  • Tell me about your latest success story.
  • Tell me about your latest failure.

That’s fine, it’s not mandatory lol.

I am just trying to show you why I visit some blogs and not others.

So if you want me to hop all over your blog (really wanna say like a tramp on a bag of chips, cos someone said that on the Warrior forum the other day, but I won’t cos it’s kinda rude!) then give me a reason to visit your blog

I am really looking forward to seeing those great posts, those gut-wrenching, heart string tugging, funny, witty posts I know you can all produce, let’s raise the bar a little and get a buzz going on at your blog.

Catch y’all soon super bloggers!

Sally :)

ps. before you leave a comment, think about your blog post title, is it enticing?

Not just to me, to anyone?

Would it make people CLICK your link?

When your blog posts feed into facebook, twitter, when a reader retweets it etc, will it grab peoples attention?

C’mon Guys n Gals, the whole point of any link is to get the click yes?

If it won’t get a click… change the title OR go write a new blog post RIGHT NOW, share your failures, share your success, share your pain, share anything interesting, then come back and leave your comment.

pps. Don’t let me down here, take action, I have never had a blog post with zero comments and I don’t intend to start now!

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