Hey Everyone

Well I finally got Essential WordPress Plugins live and out there on the web for all to see.

The method I have used is kinda simple, I have created two videos…

Part 1 – reveals the method of making recurring commissions from blog comments.

Part 2 – is more of a tutorial showing step by step exactly how to set it up.

The first video is live on the squeeze page (I used a squeeze page template from OptimizePress)

And the second video can be accessed once you part with your email address…

(but don’t worry I am not gonna spam ya, I promise lol)

Now I know a few of you have already opted in, before I even told anyone EWP was live…


Ha ha, kidding, I was secretly pleased that you keep such a watchful eye over me, I guess some of you are subscribed to my Youtube Channel

(Well I know Barry Wells is because he left me a really lovely comment on the EWP video)

In fact, here is a lil funny story for ya…

5 minutes after I uploaded my video to youtube, Randy Smith had emailed me twice, skyped me and texted me lol.

Randy was telling me that my aweber email didn’t have the link to the second video.

Thing was, I only recorded the first video and set up the squeeze page, so I only had a placeholder email in place!

Then Dawn Kay emailed me and said “Sally, hurry up I want to see the second video”.

OMG gimme a chance ha ha.

I know most marketers say you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going, but I swear that’s the last time I go off half-cocked.

In future, I will be much better prepared.

Anyway, I would be grateful if you could watch the video(s) and let me know your feedback, you can watch the first video here:


Thanks kindly and I shall speak to ya soon Sally :)


Yep, once you have created that super duper bonus page, feel free to post the link in your comment :)

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