Hey Hey Everyone

What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours…

Yesterday I made possibly the WORST DECISION of my internet marketing career….

OR the BEST DECISION of my internet marketing career.

I was sitting for about 20 minutes…

(with my mouse pointer hovering over the send button in my gmail account)

and I finally clicked SEND….PHEW!

Tough decision I tell ya…

Because that email was to Alex Jeffreys, handing in 4 weeks notice to stop working for him.

So in exactly 4 weeks time, I will essentially be joining the ranks of the unemployed.

But not if I can help it!

Now I know some of you will probably think I am crazeeeeee to give up my job with Alex…

But I think it’s time to stand on my own two feet.

So I guess I am either gonna FLYYYYYYYY or FALL FLAT ON MY FACE!

Who knows, only time will tell.

Right now I am kinda scared, if I am honest I am TERRIFIED – (In fact the technical term would be “peeing in my pants” ha ha ha)

You see, I don’t have another job lined up so the odds are kinda stacked against me and time is ticking…

But she who dares….wins right??

I am going to use this fear to hopefully propel me forward at a super fast pace.

This is by far the most risky thing I have ever done in MY LIFE!

But I just keep reminding myself that you only get one life and I am never gonna know if I can make it own if I don’t at least try.

So I had to make the tough decision and take that leap of faith, faith in myself to make it.

The next few weeks are going to be the hardest ones of my marketing career so far.

Admit it…

You are wishing you were me right now aint ya????

NOT ha ha ha ha.

Ahhhh well such is life, I am not afraid of hard graft and I reckon I can do it!

So I guess that’s it for this blog post, just a quick update and peek into my crazy internet marketing journey online.

Only time will tell if I make it or not…4 weeks time!

Wish me luck!!!

Sally :)

ps. Do ya think I made the right decision OR do you think I’m crazeeeeeeee????

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