Hey Everyone,

I am really tired today, was on my coaching call with Alex Jeffreys last night until the “wee” small hours and I am feeling it now, yaaaaaawwwwwn.

But I faced a fear.

In the members forum Alex encouraged me to talk on the live call, not about anything in particular, just to talk.

You see on last week’s call I had raised my hand to talk, you press a little button on the webinar control panel, and this shows the organizer you have a question to ask.

You go in a queue and when it’s your turn the organizer un-mutes your microphone and everyone on the call can hear what you say.

Well the question and answer sections go on for ages and the longer I waited the more nervous I became.

It was much worse than waiting in a dental surgery or waiting to go into a job interview.

My heart was beating so loud I felt like I could hear it in my ears, I went to the toilet 3 times in quick succession and I smoked about 10 cigarettes (filthy habit I know) in a row and I was literally a bag of nerves.

As time ticked by my mind started going blank and I couldn’t remember the question I wanted to ask.

I think the reason I got in a such a fluster was because I was scared of making a fool of myself live on the call or saying something that sounded stupid and made me look like an idiot.

I know these coaching calls are recorded and there around 500 students who listen in live or to the replay which added even more pressure.

Funny thing is, people are so eager to jump in on the live calls and ask questions, where as it terrifies me.

Weird how some people are afraid of something, yet others simply take it in their stride.

Anyway, I clicked the little button to lower my hand and my heart rate.

What a wimp!

So last night I was determined to overcome my fear and speak on the call.

Again I went through the ritual of raising my hand and sitting getting myself into a state of fear…

But I done it.

I never said much, just mentioned I was really glad to be part of the coaching community and I hoped we could all help each other become a success online.

There is a writing pad beside me and on it I wrote “YOU DONE IT SALLY BE PROUD“.

I felt really happy and next time I might even ask a question, maybe lol.

It’s maybe not a big deal to you that I done it, but to me it was a massive deal.

The point I am trying to make is that you should come out of you comfort zone, try new things, push yourself and new doors will open for you.

I know it can be scary and frustrating but just do it and reach new heights.

So back to this call last night…

One thing on the call perked me up from my zombie like state at around 2am.

A competition for myself and the fellow students.

The competition winner will receive a $2000 revamp of their personal blog.

New graphics, new layout, personal theme and basically all the bells and whistles a successful blog should have.

You may have noticed I recently revamped my blog to a new free wordpress theme you can get it for your own blog here:

Free WordPress Flexibility Theme

I installed it in under 30 seconds and my new look blog was live, I am quite pleased with my new blog but not half as pleases as I would be with a shiny new $2000 blog.

The competition:

To drive as much traffic as possible to your blog over the next four weeks.

The rules:

1. You must show proof of your traffic stats on google analytics.

2. You must write blog posts about how you are driving traffic to your blog.

Simple enough.

But I never even had google analytics on my blog, but thankfully Dean Holland has a simple video showing you exactly how to do it:

How To Get Google Analytics on your blog.

So now I have the traffic tracking set up, all I need to do is drive traffic and I need your help, which I will explain at the end of the post.

That shiny new blog has my name written all over it, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Last night Alex said that it’s not about how big the dog is in the fight, it’s about how big the fight is in the dog.

I have a lot of fight in me when I want something.

Sometimes online people think it’s ok to just do enough, it’s not.

You have to do more than is asked for, you have to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Doing just enough is never enough, you can always do more.

Now Alex said just by entering the competition we will all become winners because:

1. We are using methods to generate traffic that will benefit us for years to come.

2. We get a pdf of everything the winning blog received in it’s revamp to apply to our own blog.

3. We get to see how all the other students are generating traffic and can implement these traffic pullers ourselves.

So yes, we will all be winners in that sense.

But I don’t know if I am too competitive or not, but I want that $2000 blog.

On the call last night I could tell everyone was so passionate about winning it too, so I have a lot of competition, but competition is healthy, I have never been scared of competition or a challenge.

But one thing, there are coaching students with much bigger subscriber lists than me, and students who already have a big list of joint venture partners they can use so I am already behind in the race before it starts.

I need to catch up and over take them FAST.

Ok, so here is how you can help me…

I need you to post comments telling me any super traffic generating strategies you know that I can use such as:

Links to lists of free forums I can join.

Links to lists of sites I can submit my blog rss feed.

Links to lists of places I can submit my blog for free.

Places I can advertise my blog link such as twitter, facebook or other social media sites.

Basically I need all the help I can get to drive as much traffic as I can to this site for the next four weeks.

I hope you can let me in on some of your traffic generation techniques and help me get that shiny new blog.

In return, I am going to be posting lots of blog posts about all the traffic secrets I discover myself and from watching the other students trying to win the competition.

I will maybe even put it all into a free report for you, so you can learn how to drive a ton of traffic to your own websites.

Even if I don’t win I will still get a pdf detailing how the winning blog drove all it’s traffic and I will be able to share the methods contained in that with you too.

So c’mon everyone, tell me your traffic generating tips in the comments below and lets see how many visitors I can get to this blog in the next four weeks.

Remember, we can all benefit from this.

Sally :)

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