alex jeffreysHey Everyone,

Not quite sure why, but it seems lots of people wanna know how my new job is going…

Working with Alex Jeffreys and being part of his “A-Team” as he calls it.

I have been getting quite a few emails and messages on facebook and twitter, so I thought I would post an update here.

The opportunity of working with Alex Jeffreys was a dream come true obviously.

But I almost thought I had made possibly THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

Now I know that may sound a bit dramatic…

But seriously, week 1 of working with Alex, that’s how I felt, like I made a HUGE MISTAKE.

Even my Mum was worried about me, she could sense I wasn’t as happy as I should have been.

Here comes my old friend…

But I think my problem was that FEAR set in.

Yes, my old faithful friend “fear”.

Fear I couldn’t do what Alex was expecting of me.

Fear I was way out of my depth.

Fear I was so far out of my comfort zone it was unreal!

My dream basically turned into a nightmare.

I was on the verge of quitting, seriously I was (Alex does not know JUST HOW CLOSE I was to quitting)

I panicked in a big way.

I felt under major pressure.

I was mentally exhausted!!!

Have you ever been mentally exhausted?

It’s actually ten times worse than being physically exhausted in my opinion.

I was just so overwhelmed by the sheer size of Alex’s business and how fast paced it was.

I went from a mind numbingly boring office job, to a job that literally blew my mind.

My poor brain just couldn’t cope!

It’s my own fault I guess, I mean I should have known right?

A millionaire dollar business is gonna be big and busy yes?

It’s not like making one blog post a week and replying to some comments!

But I dunno what I expected my new job with Alex to be like.

I guess you could say I went into this job blind.

As the first week progressed I felt stupid.

I felt like I couldn’t bring anything to the table.

I went from feeling confident about marketing online, to feeling like I knew ZERO about marketing online.

A small fish in a big pond you could say.

And rather than swimming, I was sinking.

Now I have to say this was nothing to do with Alex.

It was all down to me, my own fears and self doubt.

It was all in my head, personal demons rearing their ugly head.

I mean everyone currently in the A-Team made me feel really welcome.

Alex done everything he could to help me settle in.

But I just didn’t feel happy at all.

I was mentally exhausted, terribly lonely and I wanted to quit.

So basically week 1 was HORRID!

I wished I had never given up my offline job.

I longed to be sat back at my little desk at reception, chatting and laughing with my other workmates, without a care in the world.

But Week 2….

A little bit of sunshine peeked out from behind those big dark clouds…

I reached out and told Alex how I felt.

I told him I was panicking, felt under pressure and I asked Alex for help.

He immediately reassured me, told me not to panic and Alex got me the help I needed to ease the pressure.

So then I started to settle into my new routine a little better…

My confidence started to grow a bit more…

And I started to feel more like part of the “A-Team”.

I began to realise I do have a good knowledge of marketing online and I am not dumb!

I can bring something to the table.

I stopped being so shy and started posting messages in basecamp.

I started adding new folders and uploading process manuals in the drop box.

I started to feel comfortable and processes that previously terrified me became more familiar.

I started to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

It’s still a little lonely sometimes but my days fly past so quickly.

Now I can also see that employing someone online is a big risk, technically you can’t see if they are really working for ya!

They could just as easily be laying around watching tv and stuffing their face on your time.

But Alex does not watch me like a hawk, nor does he have to.

He trusts me and I actually have a lot of freedom.

I even have access to Alex’s Main Aweber Account (with a cheeky warning not to spam it ha ha) now that’s TRUST FOR YA!

But I do not abuse this trust or freedom Alex has given me.

Sure I could stay in bed til 11am!

But I don’t.

I start work for Alex at 9am on the dot.

Yes, I could sneakily finish at 3pm!

And Alex would never know.

But I don’t.

I work until 5pm on the dot.

Sometimes I even work past 5 too!

I can’t really share the jobs or tasks I do, because of confidentiality etc.

But I hope this post has answered the questions of those wishing to know how my new job is going.

Week 1 – Hated it.

Week 2 – Loving it!

Week 3 – God only knows ha ha.

Speak soon, Sally :)

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