sally neill blog busy beaverThe busy beaver returns…

Well, that’s me back home from my Internet Millionaires Summit in London this weekend.

From the 18th – 20th June I have been rubbing shoulders with some of the wealthiest marketers online.

Sadly, I couldn’t have rubbed hard enough as I returned with less money than I started with!

It was possibly the best 3 days I have had in a long time, packed with so much learning and fun, I liked the fun part more to be honest.

Now, whilst I would love to squeeze 3 days of my adventures into 1 blog post, I can’t.

There is just too much to tell you…

So I shall break it down into 3 parts, and post all about my weekend that way.

I have notes written down in a word document, from each day I attended the event, I also have a few photos and stories to share, so hopefully you enjoy them.

Super Slamming Tips…

I also have some super slamming tips that the “gurus” revealed to the audience in their presentations so I shall be revealing them too.

This is just a super quick post to let everyone know the busy beaver is back and is buried under a ton of emails and currently chewing her way out.

If you emailed me, and I have not replied yet, I promise I am trying to reply to all of them as quick as I can.

Why Is Sally A Busy Beaver?

In case you don’t know why I got the nickname of “Busy Beaver” (which I initially hated with a passion I may add) let me tell you a quick story…

As part of my Alex Jeffreys student training, I had to get as much traffic to my blog over a period of 4 weeks, I was blog hopping all over the internet and my comments were appearing on blogs all over the world.

I was even accused of blog hopping in my sleep ha ha.

If you would like to read more about my blog hopping antics and see the methods I used, plus how much traffic I got visit my Traffic Tips Category.

Anyway, in the forum Igor Griffiths said “Oh, it’s Sally again the busy beaver”.

I replied how rude and stated quite clearly, but in a fun way, I did not want my nickname to be the busy beaver.

I am just not a fan of the word beaver, can’t imagine why can you?

Probably has something to do with a Lesley Nielsen movie I watched a long time ago…

Can’t remember the title, think it was Naked Gun.

Anyway, he says to Priscilla Presley, nice beaver when she is up a ladder, in a short skirt, in a library.

She thanks him and hands down a stuffed beaver to him.

However, I suspect this was a bit of a tongue n cheek joke!

Hence the reason I do not want to be known as the busy beaver.

But when I met Cliff Truss at the Internet Millionaire Summit, he said something like “oh yeah, Sally the Busy Beaver”.


So as I seem to be lumbered with this nickname I decided to embrace it and find a photo of a busy beaver and stick it on my blog post.

I don’t need a cool nickname to be a success online right???

As you will no doubt know, I am student of the wonderful and lovely Alex Jeffreys, whom I met at the weekend as you can see from the image below.

alex jeffreys sally neill marketing with alex student

In the bar, Alex was telling me he likes reading my blog, and I said “yeah, that’s only because half the time I am writing about you in it!”

So if you want Alex to read your blog…. just write lots of nice lovely stuff about him ha ha.

Actually I do recall someone saying in a training session that the quickest way to get a guru to notice you online is blog about them.

Another surefire way to get their attention is get a ton of affiliate sales for their products too.

Rambling again sorryyyyyy….

Right, have a ton of emails to read so need to type quicker, in between sneezing and coughing as I caught a filthy cold at the Summit.

Can you believe London was actually COLDER than Glasgow!

I don’t mind the crap weather, as I had a fab weekend anyway…

Alex was lovely as always, was really nice to see him again.

All of the students were thrilled to meet him, as were many of the attendees of the summit, he is a millionaire mentor after all.

Alex Jeffreys Quitting The UK…

Sadly, Alex is quitting the UK for pastures new and moving to the USA in 5 or so weeks.

But he can’t get away from us that easily, and we shall hopefully see him at his event in Las Vegas.

Better start saving if I want to attend it, and I totally want to go and hope all the other students go too.

Speaking of Alex Jeffreys students…

I have quite a few photos from the Internet Millionaire summit, with quite a few of my fellow AJ students.

It was so so soooooooooo nice to meet them all and really did make the weekend worthwhile for me, they are such a nice bunch of people whom I am proud to call my friends.

george brown affiliate millionaire summit london 2010

Right, gotta flyyyyy….

Will write up my 3 blogs posts as soon as I can, will share my photos and all that lovely knowledge I learned too.

Speak Soon, Sally :)

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