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Hey Everyone

Well I finally got Essential WordPress Plugins live and out there on the web for all to see.

The method I have used is kinda simple, I have created two videos…

Part 1 – reveals the method of making recurring commissions from blog comments.

Part 2 – is more of a tutorial showing step by step exactly how to set it up.

The first video is live on the squeeze page (I used a squeeze page template from OptimizePress)

Time to leave the Alex Jeffreys Nest…

Hey Hey Everyone

What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours…

Yesterday I made possibly the WORST DECISION of my internet marketing career….

OR the BEST DECISION of my internet marketing career.

I was sitting for about 20 minutes…

(with my mouse pointer hovering over the send button in my gmail account)

and I finally clicked SEND….PHEW!

Tough decision I tell ya…

Because that email was to Alex Jeffreys, handing in 4 weeks notice to stop working for him.

So in exactly 4 weeks time, I will essentially be joining the ranks of the unemployed.