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Fancy A Room Full Of Gurus Anyone???

newcastle night out

Hey Guys ‘n’ Gals,

Well, as you know I went to Newcastle to meet Alex Jeffreys and Garry Parkes.

I took some photos and threw them together in a quick video below…

I was lucky enough to meet a few other Internet Marketers too.

You can see how many you recognize…

Newbies Nightmare Or Dream – A Room Filled With Gurus

I don’t know how you would react to being in the company of…

Alex Jeffreys, Daniel Sumner, John Thornhill, Chris Freville, Lee McIntyre, Dave Nicholson, Mark Orr and James Teale.

The Easiest Way I Can Help You

sally neill facebookHey Guys ‘n’ Gals

Quick post just to touch base with ya!

As you know I have been working with Alex Jeffreys and I am learning a ton of stuff…

But my time has become so limited.

And even when I do have time…

I am literally sick to the back teeth of staring at a pc monitor!

So breaks away from the pc have become a very vital part of my happiness.

Working constantly on the pc was getting me down a little, so something had to “give”.