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sally neill new houseHey Guys ‘n’ Gals

So what’s finally here????

My New House ha ha!

Well I do actually have a new “flat” which we call it here in Scotland.

You can see a little photo of the new place Jade and I shall be moving to this week.

Not a mansion I know, but I think Jade and I will be super happy there, anyway I don’t want a big mansion!

Can you imagine the upkeep and cleaning a mansion would take????

Nahhhhhh, not for me, I am too lazy ha ha.

Day 14 In The Alex Jeffreys ATeam

alex jeffreysHey Everyone,

Not quite sure why, but it seems lots of people wanna know how my new job is going…

Working with Alex Jeffreys and being part of his “A-Team” as he calls it.

I have been getting quite a few emails and messages on facebook and twitter, so I thought I would post an update here.

The opportunity of working with Alex Jeffreys was a dream come true obviously.

But I almost thought I had made possibly THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

Now I know that may sound a bit dramatic…

Return of The Blog Hopping Queen…

stick figure manHey Everyone

Sorry I have not posted for over a week, shame on me I know!

But I have just been soooooooooooooo busy, you know how it is right?

Sure ya do, I know you are all busy lil beavers yourselves.

This blog post is just a quick update and a little apology of sorts…

Ok, well it’s 2.28 am and I am sitting here writing a blog post, because I can’t sleep ha ha.

Ever get those nights where so many ideas are flying around in your head it’s just impossible to sleep?