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Top Ten Blogs That Sent My Blog Traffic

increasing blog trafficHey Everyone,

Sorry this post about blog traffic took so long…

Major things happened over the past few weeks so I have been super busy!

So here is “Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs” Video Part 2.

Hopefully the blogs that are sending me a ton of traffic, can help you increase traffic your blog too.

I’m Full Time Online Just Quit My Offline Job!

sally neill quits offline jobHey Everyone, I am so very happy because today I quit my offline job.

And as always, Alex Jeffreys has yet again played a part in changing my life !!!

I drove to work today and I think, for the first time ever, I smiled all the way!

I didn’t even mind being stuck in the rush hour traffic.

Nor did I mind slowly creeping forward an inch every ten minutes and getting a cramp in my clutch leg.

I didn’t even mind the road ragers pushing in front of me, or the ones who drive right up close to your bumper!