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Writing Testimonials Benefit You Too

sally neill testimonial awebextraOk, today I want to write about testimonials…

So why you should write testimonials for product owners?


How do testimonials benefit YOU?

Providing a written, audio or video testimonial is a fabulous idea!

I love providing a testimonial for genuinely great products.

After all, it gives me a chance to pay back the product owner for creating something that has helped me.

Now before I go any further, I want you to understand a very important point.


How Wii Boxing Helped My Internet Business

wii boxing and internet marketingBit of a crazy post this, but bear with me…

Ok, so how did playing a Wii Boxing Game at the weekend help me with my online business.


I injured my shoulder, to be all technical, I have a Rotator Cuff Injury and it’s PURE AGONY.

I am clock watching until the time comes for another painkiller and some Ibuprofen, plus I stink of Deep Heat spray too!

Hence, this blog post may be a bit short because it hurts terribly to type and one handed typing is soooooo slow!

The Best Laid Plans…

How To Get 100 Comments On Your Blog

100 blog comments challengeHey Everyone,

I am writing this blog post as Jade jumps around in the background impatiently waiting to go ice skating…

So before I head off to fall about the ice and no doubt do myself a serious injury, I wanted to quickly let you know about a blogging challenge…

Would you like to get 100 comments on your blog?

And I am not talking about some crappy bot automated visits either.

I am talking about REAL VISITORS TO YOUR BLOG.

Jacinta Dean has started a challenge which anyone is free to participate in.

Katey Shaw, Blog Hopping and Twitter

katie shaw - outsourcing queen

Hey Everyone,

Who said Twitter is not a great tool for marketing or networking?

Not Me!

Today I want to talk about the power of twitter and building relationships…

I am just literally off a 1 and 1/2 hour skype call with the lovely Katey Shaw from Australia.

G’day mate (by the way they do actually say “no worries” ha ha)

Katey Shaw is the owner of many sites including: and

And she is just lovely, I am her new number 1 fan!