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ban no fearHey Everyone,

So which one would you rather be?

The person interviewing OR the person being interviewed?

Both sides of the coin…

Last week, I overcame another fear, yep no fear here!

This time I was the interviewee, the person being interviewed.

You see, after my first experience as an Interviewer, I suggested to my blog readers that they too should find someone to interview.

I guess I should have known what was coming next …

Can I Interview YOU Sally?

Me and my big mouth!

How To Create An Ebook Ecover In 5 Minutes

ebook ecoverHey Everyone,

Last week I received 3 requests from Rick Byrd, Samith Pich and Simon Croft.

The request was to reveal how I create or make ebook ecovers.

The reason these requests arose was because in my last blog post, which you can see here, I mentioned that I create my own ecovers.

Should have kept my big mouth shut, ultimately I created more work for myself.

And god knows I don’t need anymore work, I have enough already.

Sometimes I feel like I am working two full time jobs, one offline and one online.

What Happened After My Interview

sally neill david walker interviewHey Everyone,

Quick update on what I done with my David Walker interview.

All I seem to do is quick updates lately!!!

Ok, so my interview with David..

If you don’t have a clue what I am on about, read this post

Sally’s First Interview with David Walker

That was my very first interview I ever done.

After I done the interview, I really didn’t have a clue what to do next.

Alex Jeffreys To Save The Day…

Alex Jeffreys Student Blog Competition Result

sally neill blog traffic winnerHey Everyone,

Really short post, I am super busy with a ton of stuff but wanted to quickly mention this…

You may or may not remember that wayyyyyy back on Tuesday 12th May I wrote this post:

In It To Win It Blog Post

Basically, I had been on one of my Marketing With Alex Jeffreys student coaching calls.

We had been informed on the call that there would a competition…

To win, you had to get the most traffic to your blog over a 4 week period.

Well…. you will never guess what, I WON IT!