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Sally Is Retiring From Blog Hopping GASP…

best useful wordpress pluginsHey Everyone,

This blog post is just a quick update on what I have been doing.


I have officially retired from blog hopping… for now.

Shock, horror right?

I know, I know.

But I really need to concentrate my efforts elsewhere for now.

It’s kinda sad, I loved my blog hopping…

But needs must, and I need to focus elsewhere.

So this week (I have a week off work) I have been writing my first ebook.

See the nice shiny image above?

Is Social Media FAB or a FAD?

Janet Chandler Alex Jeffreys Sally Neill

Hey Folks,

I am just off a skype call to my newest buddy, Jaycee of JanetChandler.Com.

Now I know I should be writing blog posts about my time spent at the Internet Millionaires summit but…

Jaycee is writing it all up in a report so I figured it would be kinda silly me doing the same thing right?

My Notes Were Full Of Doodles Anyway…

Plus I am sure her notes are wayyyyyy better than mine, I am a terrible doodler, especially when my mind starts to wander and I am not concentrating properly.

sally neill blog busy beaverThe busy beaver returns…

Well, that’s me back home from my Internet Millionaires Summit in London this weekend.

From the 18th – 20th June I have been rubbing shoulders with some of the wealthiest marketers online.

Sadly, I couldn’t have rubbed hard enough as I returned with less money than I started with!

It was possibly the best 3 days I have had in a long time, packed with so much learning and fun, I liked the fun part more to be honest.

Now, whilst I would love to squeeze 3 days of my adventures into 1 blog post, I can’t.

There is just too much to tell you…

Alex Jeffreys OTO Interview Feedback

usb plugged into brainJust a quick update about what happened after my interview with David Walker.

Basically Alex showed this blog post live on one of the Alex Jeffreys Student coaching calls.

A very proud moment for me!

I would love to say I got nothing but praise for the interview I done, but I didn’t…

It was tainted a little by some mistakes, or marketing potential I had failed to cash in on.

As well all know, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows unfortunately!

There was quite a few important points Alex raised.

I guess that’s why Alex is the coach and I am the student.

Sally’s Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick blog post and a video.

I am super excited as this weekend I am off to London to attend the Internet Millionaires Summit, so if you are going please come say “Hi” to me.

When I reserved my ticket I was not aware quite a few of my Marketing With Alex 3.0 students would be going AND Alex Jeffreys himself will be going too, which is brilliant.

Over the past weeks I have been visiting many of my fellow students blogs and to meet some of the them in the flesh is really exciting.

I already feel like I know so many of them so well from reading their blogs, emailing and chatting to them on skype.

Pete Carr, has got us some Alex Jeffreys student t-shirts printed, so we are all going to wear them and get a group photo taken, I will be sure to a copy on my blog when I come back.

Should be fun anyway so I am looking forward to it.

Been a kinda strange week for me this week, I tend to have highs and lows as I do this coaching.