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Ok, so I know this blog post title is kinda back to front.

The normal saying would be “it’s just business it’s nothing personal”.

Well as part my coaching with Alex Jeffreys, I had to create 3 plans.




Now Alex said in the call that your Personal Plan should be much bigger than the other two and thank god for that!

My personal plan is now MASSIVE.


My daughter Jade even got in on the act and decided she wanted her own plan.

Alex Jeffreys Oil Rig Blog Hopping Made Easy

Well I have been going tutorial crazy of late.

Churning out Youtube videos like there is no tomorrow, but I am having fun doing it so that’s the main thing right?

As I am a student of Alex Jeffreys, I was recently introduced to a method of driving traffic to your blog, and I mean lots of traffic that is targeted to your niche, whatever it may be.

Oil Rig or Blog Hopping is a great way to get traffic to any blog in any market, and it works every time.

Back On The Slippery Slope To Nowhere

Sally, Sally, Sally do you never learn!

That’s exactly what I said to myself as I was sitting in front of my computer dutifully entering my blog rss details into a list of blog submission websites that I found here:

List Of RSS Blog Directories

Once I finished working through that list I was going to tackle this beauty:

Free Web Directories

The reason I was doing such mundane, boring tasks was to win a competition.

A competition to win a $2000 blog revamp.

Over the last few days (as well as doing the above) I have been registering at new forums, submitting articles, creating back links, joining giveaway events, trying out safe lists, hub pages, squidoo lenses, traffic exchanges and much more.

I have been trying to drive as much traffic as possible to my blog in order to win the competition.

But it dawned on me that I was wasting a HUGE amount of my time.

Alex keeps drilling into his students to remember time = money.

Well I have certainly wasted a lot of my productive time chasing traffic to win this competition.

My to do lists have not been touched since I started these traffic generation techniques.

I have been extremely tired and VERY bored.

In the back of my mind I knew I should be doing other, more productive tasks, and I should have listened to myself.

But no, I had to soldier on with a dream of winning a $2000 blog…

In It To Win It And Need YOUR Help

Hey Everyone,

I am really tired today, was on my coaching call with Alex Jeffreys last night until the “wee” small hours and I am feeling it now, yaaaaaawwwwwn.

But I faced a fear.

In the members forum Alex encouraged me to talk on the live call, not about anything in particular, just to talk.

You see on last week’s call I had raised my hand to talk, you press a little button on the webinar control panel, and this shows the organizer you have a question to ask.

You go in a queue and when it’s your turn the organizer un-mutes your microphone and everyone on the call can hear what you say.

Well the question and answer sections go on for ages and the longer I waited the more nervous I became.

It was much worse than waiting in a dental surgery or waiting to go into a job interview.

My heart was beating so loud I felt like I could hear it in my ears, I went to the toilet 3 times in quick succession and I smoked about 10 cigarettes (filthy habit I know) in a row and I was literally a bag of nerves.

As time ticked by my mind started going blank and I couldn’t remember the question I wanted to ask.

I think the reason I got in a such a fluster was because I was scared of making a fool of myself live on the call or saying something that sounded stupid and made me look like an idiot.

I know these coaching calls are recorded and there around 500 students who listen in live or to the replay which added even more pressure.

Funny thing is, people are so eager to jump in on the live calls and ask questions, where as it terrifies me.

Weird how some people are afraid of something, yet others simply take it in their stride.

Anyway, I clicked the little button to lower my hand and my heart rate.

What a wimp!

So last night I was determined to overcome my fear and speak on the call.

Again I went through the ritual of raising my hand and sitting getting myself into a state of fear…

Brain Dumping And Play Time

This week I want to talk to you about the latest business tool I am trying to master… brain dumping.

You see, I am currently going through a coaching program with Alex Jeffreys and he is helping me to revamp my business skills.

So far I have started doing to do lists, timed productivity, daily did sheets, created a business plan, a personal plan, an entrepreneur plan and the my current method is brain dumping.

To be honest, I wouldn’t say I like doing any of these tasks.

I know they will help in my quest for online success again, but before now I have never been a person for setting goals and reaching targets, I find this sort of work tedious.

I also find it time consuming too, at first I thought my time could be better spent.

But I am slowly coming round to the idea as I can see how clear my target is, I know exactly where I am heading and how I aim to get there.

So back to brain dumping, I am finding it useful so I just thought I would share the technique with you too.

Below you can see my own personal brain dumps:
All My Brain Dump Written Notes

That’s for ONE DAY.