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Setting YOUR Course For Success

I have been working online for many years now and over that time I have discovered a common trait amongst people who can’t seem to make money online.

It seems so many people run around like headless chickens and never really get anything productive done.

There are two main causes of  “headless chicken syndrome“.

1. Information Overload.

2. No Direction.

Both of these causes feed off each other, but if you can cut off the supply to one, you can ultimately kill off the other and free yourself of the “headless chicken syndrome” forever.

It’s tough and it takes practice, but it can be done.

Let’s look at the first point, information overload…

Are You Sick Of Free Reports?

Hey Everyone,

Hands up whose email inbox has took a pounding this week?

I know mine has!

Promotional email after promotional email.

It seems to be a week for launches of new FREE products.

As you know I disappeared off the Internet Marketing scene for a while so on my return I signed up to a few mailing lists for a quick catch up.

It seems that FREE is the new way to sell, with free / greatly reduced cost trial memberships coming in a close second.

I don’t have a problem with getting stuff for free, heck I love it!

And I think trial memberships are the greatest thing a membership site owner can offer you too.

I love to have a look around and test run a membership before I buy.

But it seems there is a new generation of marketers online, the freebie givers.

Now of course we all know it’s easier to give something away for free rather than sell something.

But when I am continually sent emails with freebie after freebie after freebie it starts to wear a bit thin.

The initial excitement of getting a free report is wearing off fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to get free stuff of high value, I honestly do.

But most of these offers are so blatantly just a ploy for instant commissions it’s becoming irritating.

I was recently signed up to receive a newsletter from a guy online (I wont name him) but all he does it send me links to download his “friends” latest free report.

This guy must be the most popular guy in the world he has so many “friends”.

Almost every second day I am sent another email with another freebie.

There has never been any sign of the promised newsletter with outstanding content I signed up for.

If I had signed up for every freebie offer he sent me so far, I would now be on another 18 other marketers mailing lists in just under 3 weeks.

Now there is a recipe for information overload if ever I seen one.