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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that the only difference between success and failure online is EDUCATION.

When I first started selling ebooks on eBay and online I was in no way educated in Internet Marketing techniques, in fact I had never even heard of Internet Marketing to be honest.

I had never designed a website.

I had never designed graphics.

I had never written anything in my life, except at school many years before.

I didn’t know what a domain name was.

I didn’t know what web hosting was.

I had never used ftp.

I didn’t know what HTML was.

I had never wrote an article.

I didn’t know any SEO.

I didn’t understand keyword research.

I had never used an autoresponder.

I had never visited a forum.

I had never even read an eBook!

I could go on and on about all the things I didn’t know how to do but I won’t bore you.

I had literally never done anything online except send some personal emails, buy some bargains from eBay and play free online games.

The reason I am telling you how much I didn’t know, is just to show you that education can make all the difference.

If I can learn what I did and get to where I am now, you can do it too.

You Are Your Own Boss

Hey Everyone,

Did you know that most people fail online because without a boss they can’t work?

Sure, maybe we say we hate / dislike our boss sometimes, but fact is some people need a boss!

Seriously it’s true, without a big bad boss barking orders, apparently some people don’t have it in them to do even the smallest of tasks.

This is actually one of the most common reasons people fail to run a successful business online.

You may think that you can work without a boss, that you don’t suffer from this problem, but I know I do.

I am terrible for not getting things done.

It’s not that I am lazy, I just forget everything I need to be doing plus add to that no one is telling me it has to be done and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Have you ever went to the shop to buy a specific item, then ended up coming home with 5 different items but not the one you specifically went out to get?

I do that all the time!

I even tried writing out a shopping list so I wouldn’t forget anything, then realized once I got to the shop that I had forgot the list of items I wrote out.

That’s why, if your like me, there is one habit you should try to ensure you do every day or night.

An Apology From Sally

Hey Everyone,

I guess this is a bit of a strange blog post, by that I mean, it’s not particularly related to ebooks or Internet Marketing.

You may, or may not, have noticed that I disappeared off the face of the internet for over a year, yes a whole year!

There were several reasons this happened…

1.  My online ebook business literally took over my life and affected my personal life.

2. eBay banned digital downloads.

Now I could have told you some big lie, and said for the past year I have been lying on a beach, in my bikini, with a flat stomach, sipping cocktails thanks to all the automated income profits I made online.

But I wasn’t.

Fact is, I have not been near a beach, I would never wear a bikini due to the lack of a flat stomach and I would be more likely to be guzzling a budweiser not sipping a cocktail!

The truth is for the past year, I basically returned to life “B.E” (before eBay).

Like I said before, several things happened that pushed me back to a 9-5 life.