Free Affiliate URL Link Cloakers Advice

Recently I was asked which is the best method to protect your affiliate product links.

This is a very good question and I that’s why I wanted to make a blog post about cloaking affiliate links for any other people who may need help in choosing which method is best for cloaking their affiliate links.

So what exacting does cloak or cloaking an affiliate commission link mean?

Well, if you simply think of a cloak and you put it over something, you ultimately hide it!

That’s what cloaking your affiliate link will do, in essence it will hide it.

But why would you want to cloak an affiliate link?

Well the main two reasons I personally cloak any of my affiliates links are that:

1. People cannot steal my commissions.

2. The links look more professional.

Now I shall give you a few examples to demonstrate the 2 reasons I use an affiliate link cloaker every single time I promote any product, be it digital or physical.