climbing the ladder of success Hey, it’s me Sally Neill… remember… I used to blog lol.

I am still here, climbing up that ladder of success (one rung at a time) just not blogged much lately – sorreeeeeee.

Sooooooo now that all the spammy comments, blatant backlinks and trashy trackbacks left on my blog are deleted it’s back to business :)

This wont be a long post… gotta break myself in gently ha ha.

Been a hectic few months for me so the lil faithful blog has been neglected again.

Learn With Sally… Four Webinars And A Funnel

learn with sally neill webinars replaysHey Cool Crowd…

What ya been upto then?

Hope you have been behaving in my absence – bet Randy Smith hasn’t lol.

So it’s been a long time since I blogged – did ya miss me???

I’ve been super busy with the Learn with Sally students…

… and no doubt you can see from my blog post title (can ya guess what movie I did a wordplay on???) the LWS students and I have covered lots of training via live webinars and video tutorials.

If you are interested in accessing the REPLAYS you can get more details here:

I’m soooooo proud of my LWS students already!

learn with sallyHey Cool Crowd

What a week!

Set up my membership site. Launched my coaching. Held my first webinar.


I literally have a beer in my hand as I type…just hot off my very first webinar…

(Yep, this one had no hitches lol)

But, OMG I have the coolest bunch of students everrrrr!

The are all “fear facers” I’m telling ya, they make my fear facing look ordinary.

In fact, I just know they are gonna churn out videos left right and center and it took me a year to get in front of the video camera!

Learn With Sally Coaching is LIVE 50% Off

sally neill learn coachingHey Cool Crowd

First off can I just say…


The live webinar I had planned had to be cancelled…

My internet connection went down for 16 hrs!!!

I was sooooooo GUTTED to let you all down.

But thankfully it seems everyone forgives me – PHEW!

Lesson learned: I have now purchased a back up internet connection should this ever happen again, I promise.

(I will be sure to let you all know the new date once it’s “sorted”)

learn with sallyHey Cool Crowd,

The results are…three lives are about to change as they will soon begin a new chapter… and turn it into a happily ever after!


Please don’t be disheartened if you didn’t win.

Because… I am holding a free training webinar on the 21st of July

Where I shall be revealing some super duper tips on how you can start your own next chapter and of course make it a happily ever after…

Ok… watch the video below to see the winners…

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